Slice of Life #31

Today Dublin and I hiked 3 miles through a local county park known as the jewel of the park system.  It’s hidden away and I had never heard of it until I started googling canine-friendly hiking in the area.  The park supposedly had some of the best trails in the state.  Well, I can now attest to that!  We hiked for almost two hours and over 3 miles.

This is a gorgeous park with a lot of trails.  We hiked through the glen forest, wetlands, meadows, and Dublin even got to swim in the small pond!  He spent 20 minutes leaping through the water and trying to figure out how to get to geese who were very mean and just paddled around the middle of the pond, honking loudly!

By the end our hike, Dublin was finally exhausted.  He was dragging and even spent some time laying in the farm field, pulling at the grass.  After being cooped up for days on end due to the rain, it was great to be able to get outside and spend some time in the fresh air.  It was even better to tire Dublin out!

What was not as fun was the bath I had to give him when we got home.  As you can see in the picture, he was covered in mud, from head to toe.  He doesn’t exactly love baths, so it is always an adventure when we come home from our hikes!

2 Responses

  1. Wow, that park sounds like a dream, and it looks like you and Dublin had a wonderful time exploring!

  2. What a great Slice with your dog-great name- Dublin. I was walking right with you, THanks,

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