Slice of Life #17

St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday.  Obviously, I am very Irish.  My dog is named Dublin.  I have a cat named Guinness.  Chris and I even got engaged in Dublin last year.  If that didn’t prove it, I also burn in the sun and can’t tan for my life.  So needless to say, I love St. Patrick’s Day!

I love to dress up for the holiday, but today’s weather threw a wrench in my plans!  Last year I went all out- shamrock tights, green sequin shoes, shamrock earrings, and green from head to toe.  When I saw today’s weather I was thrilled because it was supposed to be almost 70 degrees.  But how do you dress for Ireland when it’s sun and blue skies?  After oversleeping by 20 minutes this morning, I started throwing clothes all over.  Luckily, I had purchased a St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt from Old Navy that proclaimed “Go Green!” with a shamrock emblazoned across the front.  I ended up wearing my jeans, the tshirt, a long pink/orange cardigan, green headband, St. Patrick’s Day socks, and pink & green boat shoes.  Maybe it was green overload, but it was awesome. 🙂

One look in the mirror and I was downstairs to throw my Guinness beef stew in the crock pot before heading off to school.  I grabbed my Irish soda bread biscuit and a chocolate milk for breakfast and raced off to school.