Slice of Life #9

Today we welcomed a new substitute to our team.  He will be with us for the next few weeks.  I think we might have scared him.

“We laugh a lot on this team.  We kind of have to,” we told him.

It’s been a hectic and stressful year so far, much moreso than any past years.  It’s a combination of things that have made the year super stressful, things out of our team’s control.  So how do we handle it?

We laugh.  A lot.

We laugh at ourselves.

We laugh at the absurdity of the situations we are sometimes in.

We laugh at the jokes our students tell, even if they aren’t always the funniest jokes.  (They are still learning about comedic timing!)

We laugh at each other.

We laugh with each other.

And you know what?  It helps.  A lot.  We are always smiling.

We remind each other to look on the bright side of life.  The glass might look half-full sometimes, but we just change our perspective.  Sometimes you have to get under the glass and look at it from below- then it looks like you are swimming in the ocean.  Other times we have to look at the glass from above, as if we are a god controlling the situation.

And sometimes you just have to chug the water and pour a new glass.

But no matter what, you have to to keep smiling!