SOL Day 22

I woke up to 13.0 inches of wet and heavy snow this morning. Our delayed opening quickly turned into another snow day because the side roads were still snow-covered. But today turned out to be the best kind of snow day- the kind where school gets canceled but the roads are clear by early afternoon.

Once the roads were clear and the sun was out, I met up with my mom and sister. We drove to Bridgewater to check out the Vineyard Vines Whalehouse Sale! It turned out to be a very worthwhile trip.

The company rented and empty storefront for ten days and set out boxes and boxes of merchandise. We got there about 2 hours after it opened and it was a mess, but if you were patient you could find some great items. If you bought ten items you got an additional 20% off the already low prices, so we combined our finds and made out like bandits. We had to wait about 40 minutes to check out, but you could continue shipping as the line wound around the store, so it wasn’t a big deal. I ended up leaving with a new shep shirt, a long sleeve tee, a polo shirt for Chris, and a new raincoat. My sister and I actually bought matching raincoats because they were so cute!

After shopping, we headed across the street to the Shake Shack at the Bridgewater Mall. I was very excited to learn they had a Concrete dessert with salted honey pie mixed in. I tried salted honey pie for the first time at Christmas and it’s my new favorite kind of pie. Needless to say, my Concrete was delicious!

All in all, it was a very productive snow day.


SOL Day 21

Last night we got the call that school would be closed today due to the impending storm. For days, the meteorologists have been talking about the 4th nor’easter in 3 weeks and upping the snow totals with each forecast. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to no snow.

Ok, I figured. It will probably start soon

No snow at 8am.

Or 10am.

Or 11:30am

By noon, it looked pretty wet and slushy outside, but the snow forecast seemed to be busting. It was irritating, because we easily could have had school. Maybe we would have needed an early dismissal, but it was clear the morning would have been fine.

Finally, around 3pm the snow started. The meteorologists kept saying we would get a foot of snow, but I found it hard to believe them.

Well it’s now almost midnight and I have had to eat crow. There was about 6 inches of snow when we shoveled the driveway at 9pm and it looks like another 3+ inches have fallen.

It’s supposed to keep snowing until 2am, so we might be buried when we wake up in the morning. They’ve called a delay for school, but the schools in my town are already closed tomorrow. Considering we’ve already had a bunch of snow days this year it does not bode well for summer vacation!

SOL Day 20

Again. 🤦‍♀️

The forecasts have been shifting upwards all day and it looks like we are in the jackpot zone. Last time I checked we were looking at 16+ inches of snow. Hopefully, most of that will be on the grass and not on the roads.

In the meantime, we are hunkered down. All the devices are charged and I downloaded some movies onto the iPad. The extra chargers are charged up. I have bread, milk, and eggs. I picked up some chicken dumpling soup at Delicious Orchards after school, so we are ready for dinner tomorrow. A big box of Scholastic ARCs arrived today, so I’m planning to get some reading done.

Cross your fingers that our power stays on!

SOL Day 19

It’s going to snow on Wednesday. No thank you.

They say it’s going to snow 16 inches on Wednesday, the second day of spring. No thank you.

Meteorologists say it’s going to sleet 2 inches or so on Tuesday. On the first day of spring. Nope.

They are predicting a nor’easter on Tuesday, another on Wednesday, and a third on Saturday. No thank you, weather.

Seriously, this is ridiculous! We don’t build in snow days, so any additional days off will result in the school year going later. I knew our calendar was too good to be true when it said we’d get out on the middle of June! Ugh.

SOL Day 18

There were a lot of tears on TV today and a lot of yelling occurring in my house.  March Madness is complete madness this year!  Here’s what one region of my bracket looks like:

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 11.12.24 PM

That’s a complete disaster.  I’m rooting for the underdogs from here on out!  Well, in this bracket, at least!

I spent most of my day watching March Madness games while cooking for the week.  I made a few freezer meals for later in the week, including a lemon sesame chicken noodle soup that looks and sounds delicious.  I also made cupcakes to bring to school tomorrow, two more loaves of Irish soda bread, and a Guinness beef stew for tonight’s dinner.  As a result, I did at least 3 loads of dishes in the dishwasher, used up all the butter in the house, and almost emptied the whole bag of flour. I think I spent about 4 hours cooking, but I know it will be worth it later in the week when I don’t have to rush around after school.

I didn’t spend the whole day cooking, though.  My SAT class was canceled this morning, so I was able to sleep in a little.  I spent some time in the backyard with the dogs, prepared their frozen Kongs for the week, and then headed out to run errands.  I was able to get my food shopping done, pick up some dog food on sale, and make some returns at Nordstrom and Old Navy and I still had time to cook!  Sundays usually fly by because I teach for 2-3 hours in the morning, so it was nice to have those hours back for today.  I’m sure I won’t be seeing the same thing when I get my paycheck, though!

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SOL Day 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I wish I could have made it back to HTHS for the musical, but it’s been a very busy day around here. I thought I was going to make it, but we had a lot of St. Patrick’s Day celebrating to do!

This afternoon we tried a new-to-us Irish pub in Matawan and had some delicious Irish food. As Chris pointed out, the Irish aren’t known for colorful food.

Luckily, Irish food is delicious. I had bangers and mash, which I first tried in Ireland, and Chris had fish and chips. I was tempted to try the Irish soda bread pudding for dessert, but we were both ridiculously full after eating the huge lunch portions. I also remembered the giant an of Irish soda bread sitting on my counter at home (and the second loaf I’ll be making tomorrow).

After lunch, I dropped Chris off at home and turned around to go to my parents. I had to drop off the St. Paddy’s Day bandannas Chris made for my parents’ dogs, so I brought Dublin and Navan with me. We ended up walking the four dogs together then let them play in the backyard for about an hour.

I was hoping that would exhaust them, as they ran like banshees and even Dublin played! Well they weren’t tired, but they did manage to roll in some wild animal’s poop. So gross. That meant they both needed baths when we finally got home. Not something I planned on and not a fast process.

After their baths it was too late to make it to the play, so we joined our friends for a walk at Turkey Swamp Park. Can I just say I love how long the sun is up now? It didn’t get dark until about 7:30! We were able to do another 1.5 miles, for a total of 6.5 miles today.

After that walk they were finally tired. I grabbed two Dairy Queen Oreo mint blizzards on the way home and surprised Chris with them. We enjoyed our ice cream for dinner; Chris spent the rest of the evening working and I finally sat down to watch basketball. My bracket is slowly busting, but man we’re some of today’s games great!