Slice of Life #14

“What do you want?  A McFlurry?” Chris leaned over and asked as we pulled into the drive-thru lane at McDonald’s.  We had headed out into the rain so that Chris could pick up the holy grail of milkshakes- the Shamrock Shake.  He looks forward to them all year long.

“Nah, just a small chocolate milkshake,” I told him.

“Welcome to McDonald’s, can I take your order?” The speaker crackled to life.

“Umm, yeah.  Can I get a small chocolate milkshake,” Chris began. “And a McFlurry”

“Rfdnsa dasjfskaj” crackled the speaker.

“No!” I hissed at Chris.  “Not a McFlurry!”

“Oreo or M&M?” the speaker deadpanned, very unenthusiastically.

“Oh, not a McFlurry,” Chris corrected himself. “A Shamrock shake.”

There was a pause.

“Uhh, we don’t have those.”

Suddenly, the air was sucked out of the car and Chris was deflated.

“You don’t?”

“Forget it,” I told Chris.

“Never mind then,” he spoke into the speaker as we pulled away, disappointed.

Year #2 with no Shamrock Shakes. 😦