Slice of Life #16

65 degrees.  A gorgeous breeze blowing through the trees.  The perfect day to spend at the park after work.  So I flew home from school, put the leash on Dublin, and put him in the car.  Within 25 minutes of school letting out, we were at the park.  The sun was shining and Dublin had a blast racing around the park and hearing the mud squelch beneath his paws.  We ran around and chased the other dogs for about 45 minutes before the park emptied out.

Because Dublin was still a bundle of energy, we decided to do our second favorite thing- hike.  We spent the next half hour playing in the woods and it was actually warm enough for him to go in the creek.  Dublin loves the ocean but he had never seen a creek up close until today.  Needless to say, one he realized it was moving water he was sold.  On the extended leash, about 10 feet long, he ran up and down the creek, leaping from bank to bank.  He kept sticking his nose in the water and snapping his mouth, attempting to catch the leaves that were racing by in the current.  It was hysterical!

He may have ended up covered in mud and soaking wet, but it was totally worth it!