Slice of Life #19

I had a district day today, which meant getting out of school a little earlier than usual.  Nothing beats driving home with the windows down, music blasting, and the breeze blowing through the car.  The only thing that can ruin it is arguing with the manufacturer of my brand new dishwasher.

Since Chris and I bought our new Bosch dishwasher, it has been nothing but a problem.  Lowes delivered it at the beginning of February and it has never worked.  If I run it on a normal cycle it runs all day.  Literally.  As in, I ran it when I went to school and came home to find it still running.  Bosch sent someone out from a repair company and they told me it needs a new computer.  That was 3 weeks ago and no one at the service company will answer my phone calls.  So today I called Bosch again and was given the number of another repair company in the area.

That meant spending another 40 minutes on the phone with the repair company, explaining the situation.  And answering the same questions.  But hopefully, I will have a new computer or motherboard sometime next week.  And then my dishwasher will actually work.  If I had to spend all that time on the phone, at least it was beautiful out!