Slice of Life #5

I hate cleaning.  With a passion.  I am exhausted when I get home from school and the last thing I want to do is clean the house.  Plus, any cleaning results in Dublin being under my feet, barking ferociously at the Roomba/vacuum, and trying to bite the Swiffer mop.

But lately I have been making an effort to clean more, because a dirty house drives Chris crazy.  Today I came home from school and took the dog for a 45-minute walk in the beautiful spring-like weather.  When we got back I fed him his dinner and vacuumed while I assumed he was distracted.  Unfortunately, it didn’t really distract him.  He went so far as to rip the hose out of the vacuum in an attempt to protect me from the horrible evil vacuum that was obviously trying to kill me.

What I did discover, though, is that Dublin does not attack the Swiffer Wetjet.  Why not?  Because it shoots liquid out of the front of the mop!  He is deathly afraid of this and stays behind me, glued to my feet, any time I have the Swiffer in my hands.  It’s awesome!

With all of the distractions, I did manage to do a nice job cleaning the house.  I just hate that it will be dirty again in only a few hours!  I think I need a cleaning crew to stop by a few times a week and do everything I don’t want to do….