Slice of Life #23

One of my favorite TV shows is LOST.  I look forward to it every week and today was no exception.  It’s been a rough few days at work but I was thrilled when I read that tonight’s episode would be six minutes longer than usual.  Six minutes doesn’t sound that long, but in LOST it could mean the answer to a question that has been haunting viewers since season 1.

At 9pm, Chris and I put Dublin in his crate to sleep so that we could watch LOST undisturbed.  LOST takes our full concentration because there is so much going on in each scene.  Each episodecuses on the story of one character and tonight they gave us the background on one of the most fascinating characters- Richard Alpert.

For an hour and six minutes, Chris and I sat at rapt attention.  There were a few answers!  And of course even more new questions arose.  But for those 67 minutes absolutely nothing else was on my mind.  That’s the power of a great story.  And there are only 7 new episodes left until the series finale!