Share a Story-Shape a Future Literacy Blog Tour- “It Takes a Village to Raise a Reader”

Share a Story Shape a Future is an annual blog tour aimed at promoting literacy, celebrating books, and providing resources for teachers, parents, librarians, and readers. This year the theme is “It Takes a Village to Raise a Reader.”

Please join us March 8th to March 12th as we celebrate literacy!

Each day a different blogger serves as host.  I will be hosting the 3rd day.  We’ve really been working hard on this year’s event, so be sure to check in!

March 8th: The Many Faces of Reading

Host: Terry Doherty at Scrub-A-Dub-Tub

Topics of the day will encompass the relationship aspect of helping children learn to read: parent-child and teacher-parent partnerships, literacy outreach; and libraries, to name a few.

March 9th: Literacy My Way/Literacy Your Way

Host: Susan Stephenson at The Book Chook

Creative literacy in all its forms (writing, art, computers) will be the topic of the day.

March 10th: Just the Facts: The Nonfiction Book Hook

Host: Sarah Mulhern at The Reading Zone

This is the day for exploring the different genres of nonfiction (biography and memoir, science, nature, math, etc), as well as the use (or not) of historical fiction.

March 11th: Reading Through the Ages: Old Faves & New Classics

Host: Donalyn Miller at The Book Whisperer

Bloggers will share thematic book lists that include newer titles and the classics we loved as kids.

March 12th: Reading for the Next Generation

Host: Jen Robinson at Jen Robinson’s Book Page

Join us as we talk about how to approach reading when your interests and your child’s don’t match. It may be that you don’t like to read but your child does, how to raise the reader you’re not, and dealing with the “pressure” of feeling forced to read.

** The Share a Story, Shape a Future logo was created by Elizabeth Dulemba, children’s book author and illustrator, and SaS/SaF contributor.

Slice of Life #7

While attempting to watch free on-demand movies (offered by Cablevision as a stand-in for our missing Oscars), I was getting very frustrated.  Chris and I were able to watch The Hangover and Inglorious Bastards, but then the movies started to freeze and they didn’t load.  This was at 8pm.  Thanks to a dispute between Cablevision and ABC7, we didn’t have ABC all day.  I was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t get to see the Oscars, but my big issue was LOST.  If I still didn’t have ABC come Tuesday, there was going to be hell to pay.  But I was trying to think positively.

When my mother heard I would be unable to watch the Oscars, she was horrified.  And I admit I was a little disappointed.

At 9pm, my cell phone vibrated on the coffee table.  I didn’t even hear it until Chris motioned to me that clearly I was getting a call.  I picked up to hear my mother excitedly yelling, “I think you have ABC back!  I think you can watch the Oscars!  They just showed a message on the bottom of our screen that said ABC7 is back for everyone!”

I put her on hold, grabbed the remote from Chris, turned off  The Watchmen, and turned on 6ABC.  Despite the guide still stating “NO DATA”, a picture appeared!  And it was the Oscars!

So now I am sitting on my couch and enjoying tonight’s show.  Best of all, I will be able to watch LOST live this week!