Slice of Life #4

It’s been a tough few weeks at school, with snow days, schedule changes, missed classes, and some stress.  But sometimes it helps just to remember the good things going on.

1.  The talent show today.  Many of my students danced, sang, and did gymnastics.  I had no idea they were so talented!  A few of them really astounded me.

2. My students never fail to make me laugh.

3. Even though they can be funny and full of laughs, they can also shock me with their insight and ideas.  We are reading The Giver and at least 4x each day I am completely blindsided by their thinking.

4. My colleagues are awesome.

5. Everyday I come home to an adorable puppy who is thrilled by my mere existence.

6. The same puppy gives me an excuse to get out of the house, go to the park, take walks through the woods, and lots more.

7. Every night my amazing fiance’ comes home and we get to hang out all night.  🙂