Slice of Life #19

As I logged onto my computer during prep and watched my homepage load, I saw that the scores for the first NCAA games were front and center on the page.  How did I forget that the first games tipped off at 12:30pm?!  And then I actually read the scores.  “Memphis is losing?!”

I watched the scores through the rest of prep and when the period ended there were still 3 minutes left in the game.  

As prep ended, I walked into my classroom.  I announced that if my students wanted to know how the games were shaping up, they needed to quiet down and start packing up.  Almost immediately, my children were as quiet as mice, looking at me expectantly.  As I read off the scores, there were sporadic cheers and groans.  Until I got to the Memphis game.  When I read out the score, one of my quietest students turned white as a ghost and yelled, “WHAT?!  I have them going all the way!”.

There was a moment of silence, and then my entire class burst out laughing.  As the first buses were called, we reloaded the scores on the computer over and over.  As the class and I bonded over our love of the game, I couldn’t help but laugh at their enthusiasm.  There were my boys, enthusiastically cheering for different teams.  And my remaining girls, who have no interest in basketball, were throwing in sporadic comments.  When the game switched to Purdue, one of my girls immediately yelled out, “Purdue!  That’s a kind of chicken!  I loooove chicken!”.  I immediately dissolved into hysterics as one of her male classmates slowly turned to her, with a serious face, and said, “I do not understand girls.”