Slice of Life #13

As my afternoon filed into the room after lunch, one of my students, R (random initial) approached me with an envelope in her hand.  

“This is from my mom.  She didn’t get to talk to you at conferences, so she wrote you a note,” she said as she handed over the envelope.  I thanked her as my mind raced, trying to think of what her mom could need to talk to me about.  As she made her way to her seat, I turned toward my desk and opened the card.

After I admired the card (gorgeous!), I opened it up and began to read the note.  By the end, I had tears in my eyes.  R began the year as one of my most reluctant readers and writers.  Her mother was writing to thank me- for helping her to discover the love of reading.  

I quickly put the card away, but I’ve already pulled it out to read again tonight.  It makes my heart burst. 🙂