Slice of Life #31

Thank goodness for lunch time.  I was absolutely starving as I walked into the faculty room.  I walked over to the large, industrial strength refrigerator in the corner and pulled open the door.  The fridge was packed with faculty and staff lunches.  I froze- what bag was my lunch in?

I suddenly couldn’t remember!  Did I pack my lunch in a paper bag this morning?  Or was I reusing a plastic grocery store bag?  And what color was the bag?  

I was starving and surrounded by bags of lunch, yet none of them seemed to be mine.

Then, I saw it!  There, buried in the back, was my bag- carrying a salad, dressing, croutons, and goldfish crackers.  Thank goodness!  I grabbed the bag, made my way to my usual seat at our lunch table, and settled in for a quick 20 minute meal.