Slice of Life #27

As I scanned through my radio presets, I stopped on the country station.  Is this Kenny Chesney? I thought as I listened to the song that was pouring through my speakers.  Why don’t I know this song?  Does he have an album coming out?  No, he can’t!  He just had a new album this past fall!

As the song continued to play, I started humming along.  Kenny Chesney is one of my favorite artists and I own all of his CDs.  How could he have a new song without me hearing anything about it?  

As the song faded and the DJ started to speak, all of my questions were answered.  “That’s “Out Last Night” by Kenny Chesney, off his new album, Greatest Hits II.  It’s not out until May, but you just heard his newest single!”

Phew, now I could relax.  And I had until May to preorder my summer album- Kenny’s greatest hits!