Slice of Life #8

“How can the line possibly be this long?  It’s gorgeous out!  Why are all of these people at Sam’s Club?!”  I couldn’t believe how long the lines were this afternoon.  It was 60 degrees out.  Shouldn’t all of those people have been out and enjoying the weather, not crammed into a giant warehouse store?  Of course, I was annoyed because I was only purchasing a package of chicken breasts.  I should have known better.  You can never go into Sam’s Club and buy just one item.  It’s a warehouse store!

As I wavered between lines, trying to choose the one that would move the fastest, I appeased my grumbling stomach by promising myself a huge Sam’s soda.  Of course, I chose the slower line.  Never choose the line that seems the shortest- it always takes the longest! And as I got closer to the checkout, I saw that they were all out of cups.  No soda for me!  And that would be the last time I stood on line at Sam’s Club with just a package of chicken breasts in my hand, surrounded by people pushing two and three carts full of merchandise.