Slice of Life #30

Ten minutes after school began this morning, I had one of my students go home with pink eye.  Her eye was so swollen, she couldn’t even open it!  I sent her off with classwork and homework for the next two days and carried one with our morning routine.  When lunchtime rolled around, I was already exhausted.

“Sarah, your eye is really red.”

My head shot up and my mouth froze in mid-chew.  What?!  As my teammates all nodded in agreement, I polished off my sandwich in record time and headed for the nurse’s office.

“I just got kicked out of lunch because my teammate’s say it looks like I have pinkeye.  I think I might have just irritated my eye when I put in my contacts, because I do wear contacts, and it’s not itchy or anything but one of my students did go home with pink eye this morning….” I babbled to our substitute nurse.

“Open up and let me see.” As the nurse peered into my eye, my mind was racing.  I can’t get pink eye!  That means 2 days out of school, antibiotics, no contacts, and wearing my really old glasses for days.  Glasses with a scratch on the lens!  I knew I should have ordered new ones this past year.

The nurse finished her exam and said, “It doesn’t look like pink eye to me.  Did you wake up this morning with any eye issues?”  I shook my head.  “Ok, then it’s probably nothing.  Just watch out and try not to touch your eyes too much today.  It’s probably just allergies”.

Relieved, I headed back to the faculty room.  But I knew I would be taking my contacts out as soon as I got home and throwing that pair away!  No taking chances for me.