Slice of Life #20

When I pulled up to my house today, I could see the edge of a yellow mailing up sticking up between the glass door and my front door.  Yes!  That meant I had a book!  Gathering my purse, lunch bag, school bag, and the Irish Soda Bread a student gave me this morning, I mentally ticked off the possibilities.  Could it be a review copy of Laurie Halse Anderson’s Wintergirls? Or maybe something I don’t even know about yet?

When I opened the glass door, struggling to hit the remote control button on my keys that unlocks the house, the mailing envelope fell to the concrete of the porch.  I teetered on the edge of the porch as I juggled my school bags and tried to kick the package into the house.  I saw the return address, Random House, and couldn’t figure out what book it could be.  

Once I was in the house, I dropped my bags in the kitchen and went to retrieve the package from the front hall.  Hmm, a light package, so definitely a paperback, and maybe an ARC.  Tearing open the flap, I let out a little yelp of joy. Perfect Fifths: A Novel by Megan McCafferty! I love, love, love this series and have been waiting impatiently for the final novel in the series to come out. It’s not due out until April 14th, but I was holding a review copy in my hands.

It’s been about 6 hours since I came home and opened the package. I can’t bring myself to begin the book. The final book in a series is such a bittersweet moment- I can’t wait to find out what happens with Jessica and Marcus, but I also don’t want it to be over yet!