Slice of Life #4

The quiet hum of busy students filled the air as I looked around the classroom.  Everyone was busily typing away, perfecting their memoirs.  As I wandered the classroom, conferencing with individuals, I was filled with pride.  These students who rebelled against writing only a few short months ago were reducing me to tears with their heartfelt memoirs.  Digging deeper with each draft, they exposed the soft underbellies of their lives- sick grandparents, best friends, growing up, growing apart, being a good big brother.  Everything is on the table in these memoirs.

Looking ahead, I can’t wait for our publishing party on Friday.  We will be decorating our memoirs, sharing them with the class, and then putting them together into a scrapbook for each class.  The scrapbook will be on display during conferences next week.  Plus, each parent will take home a black-and-white photocopy of the class memoir book to share with family and friends.