Slice of Life #18

“I hate boys!  Why are they so annoying?  And loud?!”  

I had to laugh as some of my 6th grade girls crowded around me during second dismissal.  I remember being a sixth grader and thinking boys must be from another planet.  

“I know, why can’t all guys be like the ones in books?” I said to them with a smile.

A chorus of voices rose up, one trying to outtalk the next.  “Oh my gosh, Miss M.!  I know!  Like Henry, in The Luxe.”

“Or Grayson!”

“No way!  They should be like Edward.  We all know he is the best!”

As the final bell rang, they filed out of the room, continuing their discussion/debate about the best literary boyfriends.  I couldn’t help but smile- they weren’t arguing over boy bands, or movie stars, or athletes- it was literary characters.  This language arts teacher couldn’t be prouder.