Mark Overmeyer Answers Your Questions About Assessment

Right now, you can read What Student Writing Teaches Us: Formative Assessment in the Writing Workshop on the Stenhouse website for FREE! What a fantastic way to start the summer. Even better? Mark Overmeyer will be answering your questions here on June 25th! So get reading and come back to this post to ask Mark your questions about formative assessment.
Leave your questions in the comments here and I will get them to Mark.  He will post the answers to your questions here on June 25th!


(Don’t leave me hanging….I need some questions!)

One Response

  1. I am very excited about this book. I was not able to read the full book on-line because I usually just like to skim online and wait for a paper copy to read the whole book. I did read the whole chapter on record keeping and glanced through other sections of the book. I can tell I will definitely want to get the book once it is out.

    Since I did not read the whole book, I am sorry if my question is answered in a section that I did not read. Here is a question that I could think of for Mark Overmeyer.

    This year my 7th graders will do their state writing assessment. It is common to have students who fall into the category of meeting in all areas except conventions, which is double weighted and will result in them not meeting. Do you have any suggestions on how to maintain balance with conventions and other areas of writing based on assessments? I know focusing too heavily on conventions will negatively affect their other areas of writing (even if they are already demonstrating strengths in the other areas), but I would also like for them to get a better grasp on the conventions expectations for 7th grade.

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