The End of an Era

courtesy of American GirlAs a child, I spent many years begging my parents for an American Girl doll.  I read all the books, stalked the mailbox for the catalog, and put the dolls on my Christmas list every year.  Finally, Santa brought me Samantha, the best American Girl doll of all!  I loved that doll.  I read each and every book and pretended that I lived in Victorian America.  I wanted Samantha’s clothes, her friends, her relatives, her adventures, and her gorgeous hair.

Today I found out that Samantha is being retired.  American Girl is pulling her from their shelves (though they will still stock the books in bookstores nationwide).  I am so sad!  I don’t remember any other dolls being retired by the company, and I always thought Samantha was one of the more popular characters!

I do love the American Girl Company.  I think the dolls are a gateway to reading and learning about different times in history.  I will be upset to see Samantha go.  Am I the only one?

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  1. There’s a Christmas movie about her that I watch on VHS every year. It is completely sappy, and I love it. So yes, I’m sad that she’s being retired.

  2. I’d bet she’s also one of the more expensive dolls, though. She was always my fave, too, and why? Cuz her duds were so KICKIN’!

  3. My sister had Samantha. I had Molly.

    I had all of Molly’s books and I read all of Felicity’s, Kirsten’s, and Samantha’s. I’m so old that when I started reading them there were only 3 girls.

    Anyway, I loved the books. And I always thought Samantha was the most popular one, Molly was the one I would have guessed would go first.

  4. I’m really surprised to hear they are retiring Samantha. My favorite is Molly, with Samantha a close second!

  5. You are not alone in mourning Samantha. My eight year old feels sorry for all the little girls growing up after her. I blogged about the A girls myself back on Oct. 2.

  6. You definitely are not alone. I think this is a foolish move on their part and think we need to deluge the company with complaints via phone and email. Samantha has to be the all time favorite, and the company should be adding to the historical dolls rather than retiring any. Sad, sad news, rather like when I heard that the original Mary Hoyer Doll Company was replacing Mary with a vinyl doll named Becky. Just not the same.

  7. I am so upset about Samantha! I never actually had a doll but I loved the books and I got the catalouges and I always looked just like Samantha and my cousins looked like Molly and Kersten.

    Molly and Kit were my favorites but I think that’s only because their times interested me the most. I did like reading Samantha, though. I’m sad to see her go.

  8. We JUST bought Samantha for our daughter, (big expensive splurge for us) and a month later received the announcement she’s now being retired! Sad… our Samantha will be stuck with just a few correct time period outfits. Samantha accessories had be the plan for the next several birthday and Christmases…

  9. I know I am posting on here months late, but I have the Samantha doll too. Maybe since we are “Samanthas” that has something to with why we love the Luxe novels? I still need to read Rumors.

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