Tuck Everlasting Musical?

My class and I just finished reading Tuck Everlasting.  One of my favorite books, I always enjoy starting the year with Babbitt’s seminal work.  My students usually start out bored and uninterested and then become huge fans of the book as we read further.  It’s a great lesson for the kids that shows them how giving a book a chance can really be worth it.  

Imagine my surprise this weekend when I stumbled on the fact that a musical version of Tuck Everlasting is in the works!  Broadway is another one of my passions, and I really think Natalie Babbitt’s gorgeous story would translate well to the stage.  Apparently there is a demo floating around cyberspace, and you can hear one of the songs here.  “Seventeen” is sung by Jonathan Groff, one of the original stars of “Spring Awakening” on Broadway.  The composers’ website includes a few more songs from the demo.    

I would love to see this show come to fruition.  Any other Tuck Everlasting fans out there?