The End of an Era

courtesy of American GirlAs a child, I spent many years begging my parents for an American Girl doll.  I read all the books, stalked the mailbox for the catalog, and put the dolls on my Christmas list every year.  Finally, Santa brought me Samantha, the best American Girl doll of all!  I loved that doll.  I read each and every book and pretended that I lived in Victorian America.  I wanted Samantha’s clothes, her friends, her relatives, her adventures, and her gorgeous hair.

Today I found out that Samantha is being retired.  American Girl is pulling her from their shelves (though they will still stock the books in bookstores nationwide).  I am so sad!  I don’t remember any other dolls being retired by the company, and I always thought Samantha was one of the more popular characters!

I do love the American Girl Company.  I think the dolls are a gateway to reading and learning about different times in history.  I will be upset to see Samantha go.  Am I the only one?