In the Small by Michael Hague

I am not a big graphic novel reader. But I figured the Challenge was a good reason to give at least one more a shot. I chose a random ARC from my pile and it turned out to be In the Small by Michael Hague.

Bestselling illustrator Michael Hague is well-known for his fantasy illustrations. In the Small is a science-fiction/dystopian story about the end of mankind. While I appreciate the theme of environmental consequences, this was just too dark and gory for me. I think if I had read the story it would have been a bit better, but the illustrations just made the blood and gore too real for me. This is a good story, but one I would recommend for 8th grade and up.

2 Responses

  1. I just couldn’t connect with the main characters. It could have been longer and less gory.

  2. This is Michael’s son, Devon, that also worked on the book. Just wanted to thank you for the honest review. It’s always nice to hear feedback good and bad.
    The original draft was longer and aimed at a more young adult/adult audience. The book shifted a bit through rewrites and condensing down to what it turned out as. If we get to continue the series we are going to write more short story collections of stories that happen in the aftermath of this new world (taking place around the world) and compile them together in collections.
    We are currently working on two brand new series of books that should be really fun. One is a scifi robots and monster series. The other concentrates on a young girl who discovers she has a third eye.
    Anyhoo, Hope all is well!
    Devon Hague

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