Breaking Dawn

No spoilers!  But I am done.  I am satisfied.  Detailed review to come in the next few days.

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  1. I agree. I’m pleased as well. Surprised, but very happy for all.

  2. WOW!!! thats the only words that i have for Breaking Dawn. It was an amazing book and everything woorked out perfect!!!!! Thought i have to admit it was not what i expected.

  3. wow, i think that was the best book ive read.i cried when i finished it i diddnt want it to be over! everything worked out as it should have and i give stephenie major props for ending that like she did, it was the perfect ending but i have to ask WHY NOT MORE?! im going to die thinking of everything that could happen. haha AMAZING BOOK!!


    My daughter stayed up all night on release night reading. She loved the book. She is on her third read through.

    I don’t think she is going to ever do laundry or dishes again. LOL

  5. well im not quite done but so far i think its ok. the first three were awsome but i think stephanie had too much going on with the host and wrote the book to fast. it wasnt that well written. at times when i read it, it feels like im reading bad fanfiction. but of course thats just an opinion.

  6. Hollie, I am so glad to read your comment about the book reading like bad fanfiction–I totally agree! I can honestly say that I hated this book, and am brokenhearted because I loved the series until this point. I feel like the book was poorly paced, the characters were flat, and the plot line totally stereotypical. I wish she had stopped at Eclipse.

  7. Seriously this book was a huge letdown. The concepts Meyer used were so bad that i cant even wrap my mind around it. It seemed like she was trying to make the book as weird as possible. Was i the only one grossed out about Jacob imprinting on Nessie. And i was really looking forward to Jacob coming back to Bella and having a little controversy there but turns out Jacob is with Bella’s daughter which is way too weird. I can go on and on but theres no need to. Anyone who read this book carefully understands that Stephanie Meyer could have done way better with Breaking Dawn. It was a huge letdown compared to the three previous books in the series. I am upset and i wish she would right a new one to make up for the excuse for a book.

  8. I am hugely disappointed with Breaking Dawn. I am a big fan of the three others. Bella and Edward didnt have the magic like the previous three. It was almost like they were others characters completely. The whole imprinting thing with Jacob is gross and really disturbing to what was a really good character. Meyers totally ruined the series for me! I would recommend the first three to anyone but make up your own ending …youll appreciate it alot more. Very poorly written… and just plain ridiculous.

  9. Unfortunately this book did not live up to the hype. The pregnancy threw me for a loop, really did not see it coming and then on a whole the entire thing seemed ridiculous. The book was monotous, OOC and read sometimes like a bad fanfiction. There were parts where I was absolutley disgusted and I’m tired of Mary Sues because that is what Bella came across as. I was always an Edward fan until this book, it seemed he lost all sense and could not deny Bella anything even when she needed a good slap or two.The ending also didn’t fit. Happily ever after? Its a bit sad that after reading this book I regretted ever starting the series.

  10. I don’t know why people are so dissapointed with Breaking Dawn. I thought it was a great book!! 🙂 I mean what do u expect? It’s the last book in the series so of course I felt Twilight was better. I just don’t understand why everyone is so upset thought but whatever. I loved it!!

  11. I have to agree with what everyone said. I loved the book in parts and hated it in parts.
    I loved Jacob in the other 3 books but I found him to be rude, angry and even mean in Breaking Dawn, not at all the gentle Jacob I had come to love. When Jacob inprinted on Renesmee (what a stupid name btw) I was so angry I threw the book across the room. It cheapened his whole character to me that he just stopped loving Bella in an instant. While I am very glad Bella ended up with Edward I think Jacob’s behaviour in this book made all his behaviour in the other 3 books a joke and insencere.

    I also was thrown for a loop by the pregnancy. This was not at all the plot I was expecting for this book. It came right out of left field for me. And I also agree that Edward and Bella were ‘flat’ in this book. While reading Breaking Dawn it just didn’t have the same feel as the other books in this saga. It was like a new author picked up where Stephanie Meyer left off with the same characters but a different style of writing.

    There were parts of the book that I enjoyed though, especially the end when Bella allowed Edward to read her thoughts – I thought it was a nice ending.

    I’ve started reading it through again – hopefully I’ll ejoy it more the second time when things aren’t such a shock.

  12. I absolutely loved this book. I thought it was the best out of all of them because it finally explained so much and connected all of the dots. I was shocked in the direction that Stephenie took the book in, however thrilled by it as well, and I want to say Thanks for being such an amazing author! You never let me down. Breaking Dawn was the perfect finale for a perfect story 🙂 FINALLY BITTEN and married… Edward & Bella were closer than ever in this book in my opinion and Jacob finally found peace with Nessie! AMAZING and PERFECT! WooHoo!

  13. I think that Breaking Dawn could have been amazing. It is incredibly weird that Jacob imprints on Nessie and the whole thing with Edward asking jacob to impregate Bella is just creepy and out of charcter. i enjoyed the book up until Bella becomes pregant. When bella becomes the narrator again I was able to enjoy it more. But there wasnt the same chemistry between bella and edward as before. edward wasnt the same character. She should do a re write.

  14. First of all, I loved breaking dawn!
    Second, I can sort of understand why some people are having issues with the book, most of all because it was so suprising and definately different. But then again, so what?? It was different than what she usually writes, big whoop! I thought it had a great plotline! They ended up together, what’s so bad about that?!

  15. That. Was. OUTSTANDING!!
    Kudos for you, Stephanie, for not only trying something new & completely different, but BAM! finishing an amazing saga with a great plot! I totallY agree with elyse, who said they ended up together(: that’s what matters! & still, she did it in a way that tied all loose ends up pretty much. BREAKING DAWN ROCKED!! ❤

  16. I also thought that Breaking Dawn was fantastic. It was my favorite book of the series too. I think people are taking so much offense to Jacob imprinting on Nessie because she was a baby, but didn’t Quil do the same thing? It was explained in both Eclipse and Breaking Dawn that they do not feel romantic towards the babies, they just love them unconditionally and want to make sure they are happy. It’s like being a big brother. They never try to force themselves on their imprints either, if the girls later on wanted to walk away, they would let them, because they love them that much and only want them to be happy. As for Edward and Bella, I thought it was great, keep in mind that Bella is no longer a frail human, they are equals and Edward treats her as such. No need to baby her.

    I loved all of the plot twists and it was a serious page turner. Plus, Nessie was truly amazing, was she not?? I whole heartedly feel that Stephenie Meyer did an amazing job with the fourth book.

  17. omgs this book was so frekaing BAD!! what a MAJOR LETDOWN like sersiouly. no offense to anybody but it was sorta getting bad after new moon… and then eclipse made the sreies a lot better but then breaking dawn wa just so.. stereotypical!! like bella dying during birth…then edward turns her into a vampore?! like c’mon!! i was expectin smth BIGGER to happen then just her dying while givin birth -.- smth like a vampires gona like kill her or smth
    idk and the whole jacob imprinting on nessie? like really is that nescessary?! i dontknow i just didnt like it seirously was expectign smth wayyyy better then this crap
    sorry if i offended anybody but seirously WHAT A LETDOWN OMG. WAY TO RUIN SUCH A GOOD SERIES

  18. i thought that this book was good but the others were definitly better. The whole Jacob imprinting on Nessie thing was so weird! I mean when she’s older he’ll be like yeah, i was in love with your mum adn even kissed her. WEIRD! Also Reneesme what a horrible name! i mean come on you could have come up with something better then that Stephanie! i think that seeing things in Jacobs perspective was a little weird too. But it was neccessary to understand what was going on with the wolves. Bella adn edward changed a heap in this book. I mean the wedding sounded beautiful but they didn’t work for me as a married couple it kind of took the magic out of the whole forbidden love thing. Also Bella was a little young to be pregnant and i think that if her pregnancy had of been in her perspective it would have been a bit better to understand. All in all it it hought it was pretty good but could have been better, it definitly didn’t live up to my expectations. Twilight was so much BETTER!!!

  19. I really enjoyed the last book. I understand how people are disappointed but wouldn’t people be complaining if it was a sad ending. Then we would have comments saying why she didnt have a happy ending. I think stephanie did a good job on the book even though it wasnt her best. I do agree that the name was really weird but at least it was an ok nick name. I loved reading this book and i am also sad its the end.

  20. I did love how Stephenie wrapped the story up so well that it feels complete. A good ending to a great series. There are some things in the book that felt a little incongruent with the other 3 books. Lots of plot with not as much character depth maybe? I wished there had been more interaction with the major characters from other 3 books(the Cullen family, for example). I almost wished she would have broken the book up in to 2 books because it felt like she was trying to cover SO much of the story in one book that she had to leave out a lot of the character interaction that I love. Anywho, there is my two cents on the topic.

  21. I thought the book was great! Although there were definitely some odd twists and turns, I thought that the story played out wonderfully. The best part of the whole book was the third “book” Bella. I loved how powerful Bella was and how powerful her and Edward’s love was. I didn’t think their bond could be stronger but Stephenie succeeded in that.

  22. I agree with laura. SM had stated that she knew everyone would not be happy with the ending. But that it was the original ending from the shorter version of the series that she initially wrote. I loved the book and I do agree that the characters seemed more vague instead of the blow by blow literal descriptions we are used to. almost felt like we were watching or being told a story. It needed to be two books so she could have kept the detailed pace of the previous 3 books. I think people have been so emotionally invested in this for so long that the end was going to make people upset. I was actually nervous to read BD. I do have closure now where I felt like before I was left hanging.. . I am rereading BD now and I am finding more I like..just as I did with New Moon to really appreciate jacob and bellas relationship..I just hope everyone lightens up on this it is hard to read all the negative comments.

  23. breaking dawn was THE best book EVER!!
    its the best out of the whole series
    i dont understand why people dont like it
    like everything was answered… bella is a vampire.. shes has a family now, finally jacob imprints… like c’mon, pleasee i dont care
    stephenie meyer is the BEST
    she did a good job, love the book

  24. Breaking Dawn was good, but it could have been better 🙂 The first three books were my favorite, of course. 😛

    I didn’t feel Edward at all in the last book, it was like Bella and he were two different characters compared to Twilight. The flow, the momentum in the first three books suddenly took a jagged turn in Breaking Dawn. I mean, it was too perfect, too happy? It’s just me, I guess.

    And the whole Jacob and Nessie thing. Err.

    But I still do love Stephenie Meyer. I just wished she’d given more thought into the plot. I was surprised, shocked even (but really, surprised) when it felt like they were not the characters I knew. The first parts were dragging, but the ending exactly the opposite. Like it could have had more time or whatever.

    I’m still happy for Edward and Bella, though. I love the first three books with much endeavor that I don’t want to upset the flow by thinking that book 4 is a letdown. I loved the saga, I still do 😀

  25. hey 🙂
    i liked breaking dawn, but i still loved twilight the best. BD was a huge let down, i mean how can bella get pregnant if edward was a vampire? um… hello he doesnt have any bodily fluids! how can it happen, i mean it was great that renesmee was born and all but it was just not possible. i was really looking forward to when the volturi was coming, i thought ‘wow! this is exciting, theres going to be a massive fight’ but sadly i was wrong 😦

  26. Omg. Everyone that is trashing the book is soooooooooo wrong. I havnt even finished it yet and it eating at me to finish it (to bad i lost it at school) well whatever. And i think that renesmee (thats really how u spell it) is a beautiful name. And jacob imprinting on her is to sweet. They match perfectly and well renesmee needs a big brother. Its also really cool that renesmee and jacob have a hunting competetion. I also love the way the book describes renesmee.

    Good job stephine ( i hope thats how the name is spelt) from an obsessed twilight fan.

    Oh and i love how bella is a vamp. now thats so awesome. And by the way all u breaking dawn trashers the first book is usually and naturally the best its always like that it has nothing to do with the plot. I loved the twist and turns and i cant wait to get another copy of breaking dawn tomorrow.

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