Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a news junkie. And I love following major cases. I am also a Law and Order addict. So when I received an advance copy of Elizabeth Scott’s Living Dead Girl, I was thrilled.

Alice has lived with Ray since she was ten. The neighbors assume he is her father, and look upon him as a hard-working father struggling to make ends meet.


A funny word.

Because Ray is the farthest thing from a father.

Kidnapped when she was 10, Alice is now 15. Her life is a nightmare and she wants nothing more than for Ray to kill her, ending the abuse and violence she has been tortured with daily. She knows it’s coming soon, because she is getting too old for him- he likes little girls, not teenagers. But before she can die, Ray forces her to find the new “Alice”, a replacement.

This book is haunting, nightmare-inducing, and horrific. It’s not a story that readers will identify with, but you won’t be able to put it down. Alice’s situation is beyond description. You will want to stop reading, but you won’t be able to. I read the book in one sitting, unable to stop even though I wanted nothing more than for it to be over.

I don’t think a review can do this book justice. Living Dead Girl is a fantastic YA book (for older teens), and has significant crossover appeal in the adult market. Scott has captured Alice’s voice in an unforgettable manner. She is equal parts 10 year old and jaded adult. She is a good person and a horrific person. She is deeply flawed, but only because of what Ray has done to her. As a character, she is completely fascinating. Scott has produced an unforgettable novel that will be a hit with teens and adults alike.