Breaking Dawn Thoughts (Spoilers included!)

I am not going to do a full-on review of Breaking Dawn because they will be all over the place soon enough. Plus, the Twilight series is like candy to me, fluffy fun. I love the series, but I don’t think it warrants a literary review. I don’t want to ruin my happy thoughts. πŸ˜‰

I am interested in your thoughts, though! So please comment and let me know what you thought.

The Good:

  • The wedding- I am glad it happened, and I loved how everyone was involved. I especially loved that Jacob came back.
  • Esme’s island. How perfect!
  • The werewolves. I thought the pack was absolute perfection, and the division of the pack was even better.
  • The second part of the book being in Jacob’s voice. I will be honest and admit I did not like it when Meyer’s went to Jacob’s voice in previous books. But in this one? I loved it. Jacob was a welcome break from Bella’s drama. And I loved getting to see Jacob mature and grow a little more. I would definitely read a book about Jacob in the future.
  • Jacob imprinting in Nessie. This is going to be in the good and bad column, I love when books tie up loose ends and leave everyone happy. Having Jacob imprint on Nessie really made everyone one big, happy family. But at the same time…..
  • The Volturi came back! And were creepy! And bizarre!
  • I thought that naming the baby Renesme was actually pretty realistic. What I mean is, so many young mothers today use these crazy names! Even if they think they are doing good, naming the baby after other people important to them, the names still sound crazy. And while Bella could be mature in some ways, she is also very immature. I thought the crazy name fit her personality. Plus, how true is it that everyone else always picks the nickname for a kid, and the mother never likes it!
  • The happy ending appeased me. Realistic? Hell no. Fulfilling and pure fantasy? You got it! I mean, we are talking about vampires here, people. Realism was never really the issue for Twilight.
  • I loved that we met more of the nomads, the South America vampires, and the Irish.
  • We got to see more of Carlisle, which was great. He is one of my favorite characters and spends way too much time in the background.

And the Bad:

  • The book felt rushed, despite being almost 800 pages long.
  • The conflict with the Volturi was extremely rushed. It was also anti-climactic.
  • Bella whined even more than usual, and was kind of a witch to Edward when she got pregnant.
  • Nessie, Nessie, Nessie. She just seemed to be a Mary Sue character. She never really developed beyod what we learned about her the first time Bella held her.
  • Bella got everything she wanted in a neat little bow. Edward, a baby, her whole family involved in her life, a new girlfriend to take care of Charlie, Jake in her life, she gets to stay in Forks, etc.
  • There was a major gross factor in this book, with Nessie tearing out of her mother’s stomach. It almost felt like Meyer was writing for the movie version of Breaking Dawn, knowing people would want ACTION!ACTION!ACTION! The Twilight movie preview doesn’t make me want to see the movie because it seems to dwell on the horror/vampire aspect of the story, which the book never did. But this time it seemed like the book was being written to fit that version of the events.
  • The wolves aren’t werewolves? Just shapeshifters? And this information is thrown out there randomly, in the last 50 pages, with not more explanation?
  • The sex. I’m sorry, but this was not a book I expected to revolve around sex for 600 pages. And while there are no graphic sex scenes, it was alluded to enough to make me uncomfortable reading it. Had I expected it going in it would have been different, but I didn’t. The headboard, torn pillows, etc were a bit much for me.
  • The fact that Bella was willing to stay human longer just for sex. I don’t believe Twilight should be looked at as a “message book” (it’s fluffy candy, like I said), that irritated me. It wasn’t even necessary because they didn’t end up at Dartmouth. The book would have been better served if that aspect had been left out. It was disconcerting to see Bella begging Edward to ravish her, even promising to stay human for him. It was just plain uncomfortable.
  • The lack of Edward in the book also annoyed me. He is my favorite character (I can’t wait for MIDNIGHT SUN) and it seemed like he was placed on the backburner for most of the book. That seems like an odd choice, as most of the teen audience for the books loves Edward.
  • The running in the trees. Was that placed in there purely because of the impending movie?? When the movie preview came out the fandom was shocked to see Edward running along the tops of the trees. That was never mentioned in the books, and suddenly it’s the only way they move in the last installment. Hmmm…

Final Thoughts:

I didn’t make any accurate predictions about the outcome of BREAKING DAWN (other than the Volturi returning in some form). I loved that I had no idea what was coming, even if I did figure out the ending halfway through the book. All in all, I enjoyed the book. It was a happy ending, everything was tied up, and everyone was given their happily (for)ever after. And hey, when I was at various stores this weekend I saw no less than 10 women and teen girls purchasing the book. This was at Target, Walmart, and other various non-bookstores. That always makes this Language Arts teacher smile!