Breaking Dawn Thoughts (Spoilers included!)

I am not going to do a full-on review of Breaking Dawn because they will be all over the place soon enough. Plus, the Twilight series is like candy to me, fluffy fun. I love the series, but I don’t think it warrants a literary review. I don’t want to ruin my happy thoughts. 😉

I am interested in your thoughts, though! So please comment and let me know what you thought.

The Good:

  • The wedding- I am glad it happened, and I loved how everyone was involved. I especially loved that Jacob came back.
  • Esme’s island. How perfect!
  • The werewolves. I thought the pack was absolute perfection, and the division of the pack was even better.
  • The second part of the book being in Jacob’s voice. I will be honest and admit I did not like it when Meyer’s went to Jacob’s voice in previous books. But in this one? I loved it. Jacob was a welcome break from Bella’s drama. And I loved getting to see Jacob mature and grow a little more. I would definitely read a book about Jacob in the future.
  • Jacob imprinting in Nessie. This is going to be in the good and bad column, I love when books tie up loose ends and leave everyone happy. Having Jacob imprint on Nessie really made everyone one big, happy family. But at the same time…..
  • The Volturi came back! And were creepy! And bizarre!
  • I thought that naming the baby Renesme was actually pretty realistic. What I mean is, so many young mothers today use these crazy names! Even if they think they are doing good, naming the baby after other people important to them, the names still sound crazy. And while Bella could be mature in some ways, she is also very immature. I thought the crazy name fit her personality. Plus, how true is it that everyone else always picks the nickname for a kid, and the mother never likes it!
  • The happy ending appeased me. Realistic? Hell no. Fulfilling and pure fantasy? You got it! I mean, we are talking about vampires here, people. Realism was never really the issue for Twilight.
  • I loved that we met more of the nomads, the South America vampires, and the Irish.
  • We got to see more of Carlisle, which was great. He is one of my favorite characters and spends way too much time in the background.

And the Bad:

  • The book felt rushed, despite being almost 800 pages long.
  • The conflict with the Volturi was extremely rushed. It was also anti-climactic.
  • Bella whined even more than usual, and was kind of a witch to Edward when she got pregnant.
  • Nessie, Nessie, Nessie. She just seemed to be a Mary Sue character. She never really developed beyod what we learned about her the first time Bella held her.
  • Bella got everything she wanted in a neat little bow. Edward, a baby, her whole family involved in her life, a new girlfriend to take care of Charlie, Jake in her life, she gets to stay in Forks, etc.
  • There was a major gross factor in this book, with Nessie tearing out of her mother’s stomach. It almost felt like Meyer was writing for the movie version of Breaking Dawn, knowing people would want ACTION!ACTION!ACTION! The Twilight movie preview doesn’t make me want to see the movie because it seems to dwell on the horror/vampire aspect of the story, which the book never did. But this time it seemed like the book was being written to fit that version of the events.
  • The wolves aren’t werewolves? Just shapeshifters? And this information is thrown out there randomly, in the last 50 pages, with not more explanation?
  • The sex. I’m sorry, but this was not a book I expected to revolve around sex for 600 pages. And while there are no graphic sex scenes, it was alluded to enough to make me uncomfortable reading it. Had I expected it going in it would have been different, but I didn’t. The headboard, torn pillows, etc were a bit much for me.
  • The fact that Bella was willing to stay human longer just for sex. I don’t believe Twilight should be looked at as a “message book” (it’s fluffy candy, like I said), that irritated me. It wasn’t even necessary because they didn’t end up at Dartmouth. The book would have been better served if that aspect had been left out. It was disconcerting to see Bella begging Edward to ravish her, even promising to stay human for him. It was just plain uncomfortable.
  • The lack of Edward in the book also annoyed me. He is my favorite character (I can’t wait for MIDNIGHT SUN) and it seemed like he was placed on the backburner for most of the book. That seems like an odd choice, as most of the teen audience for the books loves Edward.
  • The running in the trees. Was that placed in there purely because of the impending movie?? When the movie preview came out the fandom was shocked to see Edward running along the tops of the trees. That was never mentioned in the books, and suddenly it’s the only way they move in the last installment. Hmmm…

Final Thoughts:

I didn’t make any accurate predictions about the outcome of BREAKING DAWN (other than the Volturi returning in some form). I loved that I had no idea what was coming, even if I did figure out the ending halfway through the book. All in all, I enjoyed the book. It was a happy ending, everything was tied up, and everyone was given their happily (for)ever after. And hey, when I was at various stores this weekend I saw no less than 10 women and teen girls purchasing the book. This was at Target, Walmart, and other various non-bookstores. That always makes this Language Arts teacher smile!

20 Responses


    I will be honest that I personally have not read this series. I love this series and have personally paid for this series because MY DAUGHTER LOVES THIS AUTHOR. I stood in line for the first three books. She wanted to go with her friend for the last book. I was kinda sad, except not really. It is fun watching my daughter grow up and make good choices. I want to go by myself and…. buy a book with my friends. This is a great choice for me!!!!

  2. Your list of pros and cons is very much like my own, that was funny.
    I thought I was the only one who noticed the lack-of-Edward, I mean, It was just as you said about Carlisle, present but we didn’t get the chance to feel him, too see his reactions, beside knowing that he loved bouth bella and Nessie to dead.

    The Volturi where great, althought I’m still questioning what makes them look so creepy, so weird, so different. We now know the Rumanians became almost petrified and that change them, but what about the italians? why are they so mystic, so ood?

    Also, I never thought that Bella was going to be able to drink blod, remember twilight when she could smell the blood and became sick? perhaps there’s a connection there with her will to dominate herself, i dunno, is just a thought.

    Great review, BTW
    Greetings from Venezuela!

  3. Hi there, I agree with much of what you have said. I was really disappointed, though, in the explicit killing animals scene. We all know that the vampires have lived this way in the other books, but it was really glossed over. Additionally, now Steph Meyer has actually written in a reason they don’t have to hunt animals at all. They could be buying blood (and getting animal blood would be alot easier than than that cavalier explanation that Dr. Cullen could buy all that human O neg to keep at his house for Bella). The fact that the Cullens have an option that the author included in the book, and then she goes on to write a gruesome scene of desctruction of a beautiful animal who was just in the forest minding his own business, really changed my opinion of Bella and frankly of the entire Cullen family — including Edward. It was really disappointing to me. Again, it seemed like just an action sequence and added nothing to character development, just proving to me there is no real depth in Bella who is oblivious to the fact that how she has chosen to live affects anyone else.

    Even the scene with Leah killing a deer was in my estimation just a waste of a life — she certainly could have eaten what Esme made for her –vamp stink or not. HMMM.. kill a deer or eat the mac and cheese someone has prepared and put before me. Well, I think I’ll go slaughter a living creature. I was extremely disappointed in Steph Meyer.

    I used to think Bella was Elizabeth and Edward was Mr. Darcy, but this book clearly illuminates for me that they are Catherine and Heathcliff — totally absorbed in themselves, what they want for themselves and stepping over everyone and everything to get it. I really was a fan before this book and now I am really sorry I wasted the time reading it ANNddd all the others. I hated Wuthering Heights characters because there was nothing redeeming about them and am really mad at myself that it took this long for me to realize that is the book apparently this whole E&B saga is based upon.

  4. Everything you wrote was too true. Most of the book seemed fairly silly to me, however it definitely makes my favorite book list.

    Edward wasn’t a big presence in this novel. It seemed to me that Meyer never clarified that Edward loved his daughter very much. In Jacob’s POV, Edward was repulsed by his daughter and called her a monster, while in Bella’s POV, he seemed to love her. I do realize that after Renesmee’s birth, she wasn’t a threat to Bella, so that may have been the catalyst for Edward, but I still wish there was more interaction between father-daughter. It was a huge one-eighty of emotions for Edward. That was a huge disappointment for me, and I wish that a better transition existed.

    Like I said, Breaking Dawn will still be one of my favorite books, but I wish Meyer didn’t rush the novel like she did and skimmed over the sex parts a bit more. As a 16-year-old, it felt a bit uncomfortable for me. I’d like to think that Edward would be much more conscience of Bella’s safety.

    And I do agree with an above poster on the whole drinking blood thing. Human Bella faints at the smell and sight of blood…what’s the sudden change? Are the readers supposed to assume that in Bella’s desperation to keep Renesmee strong, she’d do anything?

    Details were a major factor in why I felt a bit iffy on this novel. In the other books, they were a major part of her storytelling. Mostly, they were skimmed over in Breaking Dawn. I would have even preferred that Breaking Dawn be split up in some way–even if I’d have to wait a full year for the next book–so that she could slosh us with details!

    Well…that’s my two-cents. Thank you so much for leaving an awesome, balanced commentary on the book!


  5. Well. I actually liked Breaking Dawn a lot more than I thought I was going to, although I felt the opposite about the length of the book. I thought it could have been way shorter!

    All the twists and turns really kept me turning the pages and I didn’t expect any of it! I thought it was a lot grosser than the previous books have been, what with the drinking blood and Bella getting ripped open and Jacob imprinting on the baby.

    And ohhhh my, that name. Renesmee? Honestly, it bothered me so much that after awhile I stopped reading it in my head and substituted “Nessie”.

    And I did feel like the scene with the Volturi was totally anti-climactic, although I do appreciate the fact that the issue wasn’t solved with an epic battle like you so many other fantasy series.

    The sex didn’t bother me, but then… I did expect it. Ever since the first book, sleeping with Edward has been one of Bella’s main goals.

    However, whatever my problems with the book (Renesmee… arrgghh!!), I honestly couldn’t put it down and finished it in two days. So that gets a thumbs-up from me!

  6. Well, I enjoyed the book but I do not believe it is a book I will read over and over like the others in the Twilight saga. This book seemed to lack a whole lot of dialogue. It was more actions and thoughts. I LOVE dialogue. The interaction between characters was missing BIG TIME. I mean, where were they anyways? Emmett barely picked on Bella at all!! Alice was… nowhere to be seen. SHE LEFT! I was so bummed. Esme….. well she stayed the same, not a very major role. Edward didn’t say anything dreamy. Jasper was there, but he was very bitter. Carlisle however was great. I will give the book that, Carlisle’s character was fabulous and really expanded. Other than the lack of character personality, I loved the plot. The baby was a great twist. I was hoping for a fight scene with the Volturi, but I am not disappointed in the ending. Good read, but not a GREAT read.

  7. Thanks for such a great review. I agree with everything (well almost everything) that’s been said before. I agree the book seemed rushed in some ways, but I also think the book could have used more editing. I wonder how much editing went on with this book vs. the others. It felt as though there were unnecessary details in some areas of the book, and not enough detail in others – especially with Edward.

    There are so many things in the book that seemed to be going in one direction and then abruptly changed. Someone mentioned Edward/the ‘fetus’, and also Bella’s sudden desire for blood. I actually thought the baby might have been slowly turning her into a vamp which would have been cool, but ah well. But the biggest unexplained change in direction for me was Rosalie. SM took alot of time in Eclipse explaining her backstory, and why she really can’t stand Bella, why she can’t understand why Bella would want to be a vamp. And then in this book, during the Jacob section, we see her as being quite psychotic and protecting the baby, and hoping Bella will die. And then suddenly everything’s OK, with no explanation??? She’s hardly mentioned at all during the third section of the book.

    Just like everyone else, I liked this book, but I didn’t love it. I’m not sure I want to read it again, as I don’t think I can deal with the really gross birth portion of the book. Plus where’s the whole Midsummer’s Night Dream influence? I’m not really seeing it…

  8. My problem is – do we ever get to find out where Alice comes from? What was the hint in the first novel that says that James knows her? Did I miss something in the four books?

    I actually hate when the book switches to Jacob’s voice. It just makes me feel like its a plug for a new series involving the wolves – particularly Leah.

    The book was disturbing, but I guess I like having the closure. I am looking forward to Twilight from Edward’s point of view as he seems to have disappeared from the other books in the series. Stephanie Meyer writes interesting novels, but has a little way to go in terms of her craft.

  9. i personally thaught this book was one of the better of the series. i didnt really find it disturbing though i do think some things could have been clarified and Edward could have been more involved. i agree that switching to jacobs voice was merley to get more involved with leah for a possible series. i did enjoy the jacob’s pov part more than i thaught i would. i think it was rushed and could have been longer maybe even made into to two seperate books to clarify things.overall i did enjoy this book.

  10. Also I think it did feel rushed in some places and dragged in others. Seems like Stephenie was plowing through it so that it would be finished on time, then ended up writing herself into a corner (where to go after the love triangle is ruined and there is a kid in the picture) so that the last half drags a lot. Then right at the end she seemed to have realized that it needed to be wound up and so rushed the ending. It would have been a lot better as two books with more action and better plot lines and more twists (apart from the baby thing, which no one saw coming, the rest was pretty predictable).

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  12. I personally really liked the book and thought SM did a great job but i did miss the E/B moments. SM is definately more of a character writer and i felt like i was missing that in this book, but i did love the development of Jacob. It made me really start liking him as a character. I Do also think others who are uncomfortable with the sex/ hunting scenes really cant complain considering the book is young ADULT. She does gloss over it rather well ,i believe, and leaves alot for the reader to just assume on their own, plus it fits the characters perfectly considering how Bella has been throughout the series. i found it was definately appropriate and can be considered normal for a married couple.. The hunting scenes were not bad and i found it made sense that Carlisle would rather have the blood to save human lives who need it rather than feed it to his family, to buy blood for his family to drink when they can use animals would seem really selfish. I really LOVED the child twist! It may seem weird but i realize this is just a fluff book and if SM wants a beautiful Vamp baby let her have it! The name though i detested, but then again the more i thought about it the more it seemed like something Bella would do, and like Edward would ever tell her no. I liked the nomads and especially the Romanians, they were so funny, The only part i didnt like was there was no fighting at all but also that does fit in with SM writing style when it comes to characters lives being at stake.. there has never been any real danger to the family in all the series. Her and JKR are completely different writers and really you cant compare them… SM is deff more of a happily ever after writer and in the end she writes for herself not us

  13. ”The lack of Edward in the book also annoyed me. He is my favorite character (I can’t wait for MIDNIGHT SUN) and it seemed like he was placed on the backburner for most of the book. That seems like an odd choice, as most of the teen audience for the books loves Edward.”

    I am so deeply disappointed in this book that I have no strength to argument all this. I can only say that I almost completely agree with you in the bad, it’s just that my ”good” column isn’t so big. I was surprised too when I realised I liked the Jacob part, cause I really hated Bella, now more than ever for the pain she caused to Edward. So unnecessary. Was that Stephenie’s goal? To torture her readers? I can honestly say to you that I have been in agony for that whole part. And NOW, I hated Bella more than ever. I could say so many things… But I really have to mention the sex part in which I agree with you the most. This is a love book… not a sex one. I was practically disgusted with those parts, especially with the part where Bella was BEGGING Edward to have sex with him. It was like she never even loved him, but was trying to get him to give HER some. That is just pathetic.
    Anyways, I could say so many things.. and most of them are not good. So I’d better shut up. But I just wanna say… Stephenie, you made me happier with this series… But why did u have to ruin it? I’d even be happier if there wasn’t a Breaking Dawn and then I could think of my own ending.
    I pity you, actually.
    And you, Joanne Kathleen Rowling, I ADMIRE you, and love you forever as an author.
    Sorry, Steph, but you’ll never be a classic

  14. Huh, I really enjoyed this story. Although I do agree with many of your good and bad points. (My fourteen-year-old felt the sex scenes were TMI.) I felt I predicted pretty much what happened in the book did happen, but not exactly as I expected. I felt that the magic I loved so much in Twilight was back in Breaking Dawn, but it was for the most part missing in the 2nd and 3rd books. She left many openings for other stories (yay) and I look forward to other stories from Stephenie Meyer’s world – like Edward, Alice, Tanya and Leah.

  15. I completley agree with what you’ve said.
    Absolutly especially these:

    ‘Bella got everything she wanted in a neat little bow. Edward, a baby, her whole family involved in her life, a new girlfriend to take care of Charlie, Jake in her life, she gets to stay in Forks, etc.’
    ‘The sex. I’m sorry, but this was not a book I expected to revolve around sex for 600 pages. And while there are no graphic sex scenes, it was alluded to enough to make me uncomfortable reading it. Had I expected it going in it would have been different, but I didn’t. The headboard, torn pillows, etc were a bit much for me.’

    (This freaked me out. I mean I did not think that this series would include any of this. My mum is gonna start reading it becuase I convinced her, but I feel a little uncomfortable now, and reading it myself I also felt very uncomfortable..)
    ‘The fact that Bella was willing to stay human longer just for sex. I don’t believe Twilight should be looked at as a “message book” (it’s fluffy candy, like I said), that irritated me. It wasn’t even necessary because they didn’t end up at Dartmouth. The book would have been better served if that aspect had been left out. It was disconcerting to see Bella begging Edward to ravish her, even promising to stay human for him. It was just plain uncomfortable.’

    (This was stupid, plain stupid. I mean what happened to the Bella we knew and loved??)

    Also about the werewolfs thing too. What was with that?!
    I mean we were under the impression for the whole series that they were werewolfs. Then suddenly this, way to rushed.

    I also think that the wedding was really beautiful and Alice did a great job, but the honeymoon for me ruined it a little.
    I got uncomfortable.
    I also started to get a little annoyed about Renesmee too…
    Sorry to seem so negative, I just felt strongly towards these points.

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  17. Wow!… I was so enthralled by New Moon and Eclispe, (read both of them them twice in two weeks) that I was about to rush out and get Breaking Dawn – now I am a bit worried that reading BD will ruin the series for me. Lets be honest Edward is the draw card…whats the point if he doesnt really feature in BD. And I loved the way the Stephenie kept scenes subtle, but still loving and intriging…

    Will reading this book ruin the series for me?

  18. I’m surprised at how many people think there are unanswered questions in the series. I recommend reading them again, because everything was explained. Alice’s past was explained in Twilight and New Moon. Rosalie’s desire for a baby was explained in Eclipse.

    As for the other questions that have been repeated by a few people:

    SM addressed the blood question on her site: The Cullen’s don’t drink donated blood because it would make it almost impossible to resist taking a human life. Once they had the taste of it, it would only be a matter of time before one of them slipped up. Also, Edward says in Twilight that they only hunt in overpopulated areas, which helps nature to keep the numbers down. I am an animal lover too, but you have to accept this aspect of the books.

    The reason Bella can suddenly drink blood is for two reasons. 1) When you are pregnant the baby dictates what you can and can’t eat. You find yourself repulsed by some things and having strong cravings for things you would never normally consume, and 2) Most pregnant women will do anything to keep their babies healthy and safe so even if it didn’t smell nice, Bella would have still drunk the blood for the sake of the baby.

    On the topic of the sex scenes – they only seem too much because so many of you are still so young. This is also the reason you can’t understand Bella’s desire to stay human a little longer. Remember, it was never about Bella wanting to be a vampire, it was only about her being able to stay with Edward. If she could have him and stay human a little longer of course she would choose that option!

    As you get older the behaviors of the main characters will be easier to understand because you will have your own life experiences to draw from.

    In the meantime, if you feel that Breaking Dawn is too much for you then don’t read it.

    After all, SM said that she never intended for this series to be read by teenagers, and felt panicky when she realized how many were reading them anyway.

    If you’re going to read a book that isn’t age appropriate, you are going to find some parts of it (*SHOCK HORROR*) aren’t appropriate!

  19. I liked the series. The plot, generally, was amazing. I wish a different author could have written it, though. Forgive me, but a lot of the books were just plain TEDIOUS. I am an avid reader, and again, I think the actual story is awesome – I just wish someone else would tell it. Stephanie Meyer came up with a great idea, but is a mediocre writer.

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