Books I Want to Read

Hmmm, a few new books and series have piqued my interest and I want to pick them up.

For myself, I am dying to read Life As We Knew It. I am assuming it will fit into my classroom library, but I admit to just wanting to read it for my own pleasure. Of course, none of the local bookstores have any copies. Another book that I can’t find anywhere (without ordering it) is Leepike Ridge. The first line is absolutely magical: “In the history of the world there have been lots of onces and lots of times, and every time has had a once upon it.” How can you not want to read that?? Last of all, completely for myself, I must must must get my hands on a copy of Libba Bray’s The Sweet Far Thing. I am dying to find out what happens to Gemma, Fee, Pippa, and Ann!

Now, recently I stumbled upon a series online that I think would fit in well in my classroom, especially for my reluctant boy readers who are attracted to interesting (read: gross) non-fiction. The series is from Scholastic and is called “You Wouldn’t Want to Be….”. It covers all the grossest parts of world history. I can’t find any copies around here, and I am hesitant to buy a copy without physically seeing one and holding it first. However, I may break down and buy You Wouldn’t Want to Be an Aztec Sacrifice! (You Wouldn’t Want To¿) just because it will be perfect to read before I head to Mexico in February. I have been looking for books to use to introduce Michoacan and my journey, and this sounds perfect for researching the Aztecs in that area! Has anyone seen this series or read any of the books? Any recommendations?