No Talking by Andrew Clements

Dave Packer and Lynsey Burgess are the ringleaders of “the Unshushables”. The fifth grade class at Laketon Elementary School are called the Unshushables for a reason- they never, ever stop talking. Through class, lunch, recess, assemblies, dismissal- they talk and talk. They also have terrific rivalry going on between the boys and girls, as each gender still believes the other carries cooties. When a dare breaks out between Dave and Lynsey, the entire 5th grade class is swept into the fold. Who can stay silent the longest? No more than three words can be said to teachers (and only when asked a direct question) and the students are on the honor system, with Dave and Lynsey keeping score. However, neither side is prepared for the consequences of their contest. With the rules firmly in place, the students begin their contest only to find that it has inadvertently raised the ire of their normally rational principal. Now the kids will join together to face a common enemy in the quietest way possible. Who knew their principal would go AACCEA72-7982-45C2-A0A2-670F66B97A98.jpgfrom struggling to make them quiet down to struggling to make them talk?

“No Talking” is another great story from Andrew Clements. The situation rings true for any teacher, because who hasn’t experienced that class that just will. not. stop. talking. Or, the class that can’t see past the gender lines in their own minds? An enjoyable book, any Andrew Clements fan will be happy they picked up this novel!