Male protagonists

We are about to finish our second read-aloud of the year, “Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree”. I want to begin a new read-aloud very soon, but a few of my students have pointed out that our last three novels have been about female protagonists. We read “The Talking Earth”, “Tuck Everlasting”, and “Emma-Jean Lazarus…”. We did begin the year with Ralph Fletcher’s “Flying Solo, but that jumps between a few protagonists.

I have been looking at my books and nothing is really striking my fancy. I try to keep my read-aloud between 150-200 pgs, for time’s sake. Very few of the books I have read recently fit into this category. So far I have be come up with “The Red Kayak” (a bit on the long side, but I do love it) and “The Schwa Was Here” (which I am in the middle of reading for the first time myself). Does anyone out there in the blogoshere or kidlitosphere have any suggestions for a great read aloud, with a male protagonist?

Down to the wire!

Nominations for the Cybils close on Wednesday, November 21st. Be sure to nominate your favorite books of the year before then! Remember, anyone can nominate a book they have read, so don’t be left out.


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Be sure to enter your nominations! I love the Cybils….besides giving me a great “to be read list” just by looking at the nominations, I think it is amazing that the kidlitosphere can come together to honor the best books if the year. 🙂