Male protagonists

We are about to finish our second read-aloud of the year, “Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree”. I want to begin a new read-aloud very soon, but a few of my students have pointed out that our last three novels have been about female protagonists. We read “The Talking Earth”, “Tuck Everlasting”, and “Emma-Jean Lazarus…”. We did begin the year with Ralph Fletcher’s “Flying Solo, but that jumps between a few protagonists.

I have been looking at my books and nothing is really striking my fancy. I try to keep my read-aloud between 150-200 pgs, for time’s sake. Very few of the books I have read recently fit into this category. So far I have be come up with “The Red Kayak” (a bit on the long side, but I do love it) and “The Schwa Was Here” (which I am in the middle of reading for the first time myself). Does anyone out there in the blogoshere or kidlitosphere have any suggestions for a great read aloud, with a male protagonist?

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  1. I really love and read every year Harris and Me by Gary Paulsen and The Watson’s Go to Birmingham-1963. I recommend them both, but especially Harris and Me because it is a book kids rarely pick on their own. Those are my two cents.

  2. Oh, Harris and Me has been on my radar for a few months! I am not the biggest Gary Paulsen fan, and my kids HATED Dogsong last year. Maybe I will give it a shot this year, because I do have a lot of Hatchet fans, it seems!

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