History in the Making

‎September 11, 2001 I was in a dorm at Rutgers, surrounded by my new best friends when the world changed forever. This past weekend, I spent the day with those same best friends, now with husbands and children. Despite Bin Laden’s best effort’s, life blossomed from what he thought was nothing but ash. Thank you to all of our military men and women who worked tirelessly for the last 10 years to ensure our safety.

I am watching the news unfold live in Twitter, reading Facebook status updates from friends overtaking my newsfeed, and watching Wolf Blitzer on CNN essentially report live from his smartphone as updates come in.  Friends in NYC and DC are posting live videos and still shots from outside the White House and down by Ground Zero.  I should be in bed, but I can’t go to sleep until the President speaks to the nation and the world.  This is history.

And according to ABCNews, the body was identified using DNA from his sister’s brain, subpoenaed after her death from cancer in Boston.  How far we have come.


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