Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson

A few months ago, one of my former students emailed me and told me I absolutely had “to read Suite Scarlett immediately because it’s amazing!” I picked up a copy and it went on my TBR pile. Today seemed like a great day to finally dive in.

Scarlett Martin lives in Manhattan, in the fabulous art deco Hopewell Hotel. Sounds glamorous, right? For Scarlett and her family, it’s anything but. The hotel is falling apart, the staff has been let go, and the money is drying up. It’s Scarlett’s fifteenth birthday- the day each Martin child is given a suite in the hotel to care for on their own. When a guest actually shows up to stay in Scarlett’s suite, everyone is shocked. And when that guest, Mrs. Amberson, turns out to be a C-list starlet intent on spending most of her time with Scarlett, she doesn’t really know how to react. Throw in a cute new boy in her brother’s acting troupe, an older sister who seems to be hiding something, and a younger sister who totally hates her and Scarlett has the makings of an interesting summer. She’s not quite sure if it will be the best summer ever or the worst.

I loved Suite Scarlett! Despite being told in third person, I felt like I knew Scarlett. Like she was a good friend. In fact, I felt like a part of the Martin family. Scarlett is easy to relate to and her relationship with her family is realistic.

This is a book that I think will appeal to a lot of my readers. It’s a funny book. Those who love New York will be thrilled with all of the tidbits about growing up in the city. For the fashionistas and aspiring stars, Scarlett and Mrs. Amberson couldn’t be more perfect. Realistic fiction fans will really dig the story. And then there are the theater lovers….so many great theater references!

I plan to booktalk Suite Scarlett on Monday and I expect a lot of hands to go up for this one!