Hate That Cat by Sharon Creech

Hate That Cat: A Novel continues the story of Jack. His awesome teacher, Miss Stretchberry, has moved up to the next grade with him and they are still working on becoming poets. As an aside, let me just say I love Miss Stretchberry! She is teaching her students that they are poets, whether they choose to rhyme or not. Whether they choose to use alliteration, assonance, or anything else. YAY!

Jack is still recovering from the death of his beloved dog, Skye. He also hates the big, mean black cat that has taken up residence in his neighborhood. But when he gets his own kitten, he starts to change his mind. Until his new kitten also disappears, leaving him.

I enjoyed this just as much as I enjoyed LOVE THAT DOG. It’s a great duo of books to help introduce kids to poets and poetry. I have a soft spot for William Carlos WIlliams, so I loved the constant references to his poetry. I will be sure to recommend Hate That Cat: A Novel to the teachers in my building who already share LOVE THAT DOG with their students.