Inspiration from a Ghost Tour!

This weekend I got to visit my favorite town in the world- Princeton.  My fiance and I took a ghost tour of the town on Saturday night and it was awesome!   Princeton has always been my all-time favorite town and despite the fact that it’s only 40 minutes away, I don’t get there enough.  But the ghost tour, arranged by Chris’s company, sounded like a good reason to head west and hang out in town.  Boy, was it worth it!

We left around 8pm and spent almost an hour and a half wandering the streets, listening to tales of murder, hauntings, and unmarked graves.  So much fun!  I thought I knew Princeton fairly well, but there was so much I had never even delved into before!  Some of the stories really got me thinking and might have even inspired a story idea or two.  😉  It’s amazing what setting can do for your writer’s block.

*I would totally recommend Princeton Tour Company.  I plan to do another ghost tour with some friends and I definitely want to do the Literary Greats tour and maybe a Grub Crawl!

A grave in the Quaker cemetery for James Potter.  Yes, I am that much of a Harry Potter dork.  😉