The Sorting Hat Has Decided….

That I am a Ravenclaw!  I am ecstatic, to say the least.  While I think every Harry Potter fan wants to be in Gryffindor, deep down I have always known I was a Ravenclaw.  When Pottermore opened up to beta testers and I finally got my owl, I hesitated.  What if the Sorting Hat sorted me into Slytherin? Or Hufflepuff?  I had to be in Ravenclaw!

I actually put off being sorted for a few days.  I played around on Pottermore (which is PHENOMENAL.  Seriously.).  I read lots of extra writing from JK Rowling, learned a ton, and remembered how to play video games.  I admired the graphics and the effort that went into the website.  I shopped in Diagon Alley and received my wand from Ollivander’s-  Cypress with unicorn core, ten inches, hard.

And then is was time.  I couldn’t put it off any longer.  My husband was sorted into Ravenclaw, much to his chagrin.  He thinks he belongs in Slytherin.  But I sat down to take the quiz.  A few minutes later, I had my results.  Ravenclaw!


Anyone else sorted yet?


It’s like I’ve been given a time turner.  Today, JK Rowling is making a major announcement.  After years of spending my summers awaiting the newest Harry Potter book in the series, it’s been sad to watch my summers go by without any news from Rowling.  But when the news broke that she would be making a major announcement on June 23rd, I was thrilled!  It was like I was reliving the summers of my childhood.  Ok, really my adolescence.

Check out the website if you haven’t seen it yet.  Owls!  (Maybe Hedwig isn’t really dead!  Is that the announcement she plans to make?  One can hope against hope….)

What could it be?  We know it’s not a book.  Rumors seem to lean toward some type of online game or social network.  Personally, I am hoping for a Harry Potter encyclopedia or someplace to store all of the backstory that Rowling creating while writing the books.  I have a feeling it might be the game, but one can hope!

According to the Guardian, Pottermore will be an online treasure hunt with real world clues and prizes.  They say they received a top-secret memo by mistake and the treasure hunt will include wands hidden in locations across the UK and US.  Umm, yes please!  I would definitely participate!  Would you?

Are you excited?  Are you having flashbacks to the summers of yore?