Vacation Reading

Inspired by an article over at Choice Literacy, today my students and I planned out vacation reading.  We filled out a questionnaire about what we were looking forward to reading, when we would have time to read, and planning some general fun reading.  While my students were a little upset with me at first because I reminded them that I still expected them to read over break, we had a lot of fun with our planning!


After sharing our ideas and the books we were looking forward to reading, I booktalked a few of our Battle of the Books choices and a few Cybils nominees.  When they left, every student had  a list of books and magazines they planned to dive into over break and they knew what I was planning to read.  We even discussed trying out some audio books for those who get car/motion sickness!

If I can keep them reading over break, I will have less to rebuild when we get back after the New Year!  🙂