Finally Home!

I am finally back at home, on my own couch.  After 8 days in Mexico, an 18 hour flight last Saturday, and an unplanned overnight stay in Dallas, Texas last night- I am HOME.  The trip to Mexico was absolutely amazing.  I am currently uploading my pictures, and will be updating TheReadingZone With my adventures over the next few days.  Thanks for all of the wonderful comments while I was gone!  I am off to update myself on the blogosphere happenings that I missed. 


I have great news…..this weekend I received word that I have received a fellowship from EIRC/Geraldine Dodge Foundation to visit Michoacan, Mexico! For those unfamiliar with this part of Mexico, I will be visiting the Monarch butterfly sanctuaries right before the butterflies begin their migration back to the north.


Now, I just need to get permission from my district to go on the trip. I will use both of my professional days, but will need two more from the district. Wish me luck!