Literacy Profile

Agh! How can school possibly start in 36 hours?! I am frantically trying to finish planning for the first few months before the year begins. But one of the best activities I always do when we begin reading and writing workshop is a reading and writing survey. In the past I always handed out two separate surveys, modeled after Nancy Atwell’s.

However, while reviewing the surveys from last year a few weeks ago, I realized just how redundant they are. I love them and the information I glean from them, so I didn’t want to just toss them. Thus, I decided to try and combine them into one, slightly shorter survey that would still give me the information I need. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one who had that idea! Stacey, over at TwoWritingTeachers, just posted her Literacy Profile, a combined reading and writing survey. Well, I shamelessly stole her label and applied it to my new survey.

Read this document on Scribd: My Literacy Profile

In the event that anyone is interested, I am experimenting with a new document uploader, Scribd. If you click on the above link you should be able to view and access my literacy profile!