Random Nonsense

Busy month!  November is always crazy here.  It’s the end of the first marking period, I’m trying to grade essays, #NCTE11 is in just two weeks(!), Thanksgiving is coming, then it’s Christmas, and I have a class reunion this week.  Oh, and did I mention I am doing NaNoWriMo?  So yeah, just a little crazy.  Especially when you throw in my two crazy dogs who demand a lot of running and activity- Dublin is training to be a therapy dog right now and Bailey just finished her first puppy class.  Busy times here!


This is something I am SO ridiculously excited for.  Just when I think I can’t possibly love John and Hank Green anymore, they announce CrashCourse- a youtube channel devoted to educational videos made by John and Hank.  First up? World History (John) and Bio101 (Hank).


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