Tween Book Buying Guide for the Holidays

The holidays will be upon us shortly.  That means it is gift-giving season!  What is the best gift for any age group?  Books!

Sure, it’s easy to brush off books in the gift-giving category.  How do you know that recipient hasn’t already read the book(s) in question?  How do you know what genre or authors they like? What if the recipient doesn’t even like to read?  And where do you even begin?  That bookstore is huge and intimidating, right?  But you can do it, I promise!

When it comes to the tweens and middle schoolers in your life, I’m here to help this holiday season.  For the next few weeks I will be posting lists to help you find that perfect book or book gift for the 10-13 year old in your life.  Lists will be categorized according to trends I see in my classroom, so you can count on the fact that the books I recommend will be kid-tested and approved.  

Do the tweens in your life a favor.  Give them the gift of reading this holiday season.  Books are the gifts that you can open again and again, and stories are the gifts that keep giving.  So stay tuned from December 1-12 to find that perfect gift for the middle schooler in your life.  Whether they are are avid readers or only skim their summer reading when forced to, there is something out there for everyone.



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I’m Buying Books for the Holidays

Thanks to Jen for the link to this great idea!  Amy from My Friend Amy has started a new holiday idea: Books for the Holidays. The whole idea is for bloggers to put their money where their mouth is this upcoming holiday season, and support the publishing industry by buying books as gifts.  Now, I am a huge fan of giving books as gifts- just ask my little sister who is the frequent recipient of my book-giving ways.  But now I have a reason to share my booklove with even more people this holiday season!

Interested in getting involved?  Head on over to the blog that Amy set up.  Add the blog to your feed!


What You Can Do:

-Sign up for the challenge and commit to buy books as your gifts this holiday season.
-Spread the word. We have a cute button you can use on your blog. Write about it on your blog. Email your friends. Twitter your heart out, tell others on facebook…GET THE WORD OUT to encourage others to buy books this holiday season.

-Subscribe to the feed. Don’t miss a single post or request for help. Don’t be shy about offering recommendations to others when they’re looking for help. Look for posts that solicit your review links. Be active in helping others find the right book


How awesome is this idea?!  I am so excited and you should be to!  Now get out there and get involved!