Welcome to Camden Falls (Main Street) by Ann M. Martin

When I was in elementary school, I was slightly obsessed with the Babysitter’s Club books. Later in life, I was shocked to discover that many of the later books had been ghostwritten and were not products of Ann M. Martin. This shocked and dismayed me, because I used to list her as a favorite author and I worried that maybe she wasn’t real after all, and all those books were just hired out to ghostwriters. I was very happy to learn that Ann M. Martin is very real, and was even happier to see that she has a new series out.

Welcome To Camden Falls (Main Street) has been on my TBR pile for a while, but something kept bumping it to the bottom. The 48 Book Challenge was the perfect chance to read it.

Flora and Ruby are recently orphaned and must move to Camden Falls, Massachusetts to live with their grandmother, Min. Both girls are still struggling to deal with the death of the parents and the move is not easy for them. However, Camden Falls is a quaint little town and they realize that they can make a life there. Even better, they slowly begin to connect to their mother’s life in Camden Falls, back when she was a child.

Parts of the story are a bit contrived. I am not a fan of books that employ small towns full of quirky characters. However, Camden Falls is loosely based on Princeton, NJ (one of my FAVORITE places in the world), and I could see bits and pieces of Princeton throughout the book. Welcome To Camden Falls (Main Street) is an enjoyable read, and I imagine the series is quite cute. This book would be perfect for middle grade readers, just like The Babysitters Club was perfect for me in elementary school.