SOL Day 7

It’s 11:19pm and I almost forgot to write my Slice of Life post tonight. Oops! I’ve been writing all day, so I left a tab open on my computer as a reminder to do my post at one point. Unfortunately, I always have a million tabs open, so I forgot until I saw my friend Mindi’s post pop up on Facebook. I decided to steal her idea, so here is a list of ten things making me happy right now.

  1. We had a snow day today! It was a strange storm full of slush, sleet, and snow that resulted in about 3.5 inches at my house, but man did I need today off. I crossed a lot of items off my to-do list.
  2. We did not get 2 feet of snow like some parts of NJ. Phew! This is wet, heavy snow. Yuck.
  3. Delayed opening tomorrow! I’ll still be up early to walk the dogs with Chris, but then I can go back to bed for a little while.
  4. I wrote a lot today. It’s a secret project right now, but hopefully it will turn into something.
  5. We had Trader Joe’s spatchcock chicken for dinner tonight. Yum!
  6. I had time to watch last night’s This Is Us this morning. This makes me happy, even though the show always makes me sad.
  7. I did not waste my snow day binge watching. Not this time, at least.
  8. My cleaning lady canceled today due to the snow, but she’s coming tomorrow. This means I will come home to a clean house!
  9. Bonus item: my Homechef delivery Wil arrive tomorrow. Yum!

What is making you happy right now?


SOL Day 6

Teachers love snow days, especially during the long stretch between winter break and spring break. We had a crazy nor’easter last week, but it was a mostly rain event. But tomorrow might be different!

Snowstorms are notoriously hard to predict accurately during March due to the warm temperatures and sun angles. However, this storm might be a doozy. The problem is that the difference between getting 12 inches and getting 2 inches might be 10-15 miles. So far, the meteorologists I follow on social media are predicting 6-12 inches for my house. The community college where I work has already closed, as has the state university, and the district one town over is closed. We have been told an early dismissal is possible, but the latest forecasts show that will be the height of the storm with 1-2 inches of snow per hour. I’m hoping we just call the day before anyone gets to school!

In the mean time, I’ll keep checking the snow day calculator while I wait by the phone.

SOL Day 5

On Monday nights Navan has obedience class, so Dublin and I hang out. As soon as Navan walks out the door with Chris, Dublin is off to the races. We do about a half hour of trick training and review, because Dubs is working towards his novice trick title. Then we spend time outside playing fetch and practicing obedience.

Dublin’s absolute favorite game, by far, is hide-and-seek. During hide-and-seek he has to stay in a down position while I hide somewhere in the house or outside. It’s a great way to expend mental energy and he is all about it. The photo up top was from one of our games tonight. He was supposed to be staying on that chair while I hid, but he could barely sit still due to excitement!

After an hour+ of training and games he went and sat by the front door. About 4 minutes later, Chris and Navan got home. Seriously- how do dogs know when someone is about to come home?! He’s now passed out on the couch after enjoying a frozen Kong. Life is good for this wiggle-butt.

SOL Day 4

Other than making dinner tonight (ramen) and potato soup for tomorrow, today has been full of nothing.  Not that it’s a bad thing!

I’ve spent the evening watching the Oscars and waiting for Keala Settle’s performance of “This Is Me”.  Back in the fall I attended Elsiefest, a celebration of Broadway and pop music held in New York City and organized by Darren Cris.  One of the surprise performances was the first public performance of “This Is Me” and Keala blew the (metaphorical) roof off Central Park.  No one had heard the song before that moment, the movie wouldn’t come out for another 3ish months, and unknown songs at concerts are always a risk.  Well, within just a few bars the whole place was singing along.

I saw Keala Settle in Waitress and loved her performance, but her work in The Greatest Showman is just fantastic.  The whole soundtrack is great, but I could listen to “This Is Me” on endless repeat for hours.  I’m hoping that it wins Best Song tonight; the fact that it seems like it will be the last performance before the award is making me very hopeful.  Even if it doesn’t win, I am sure Keala’s performance will be amazing!

Video behind the scenes of “This Is Me”


ETA:  Booooo!  Keala’s performance was incredible, but the Oscar went to “Remember Me” from Coco.  I know Coco was incredible, but the song was by far the most underwhelming of the nominated songs.  I would have loved have seen “Mighty River” or “Stand Up for Something” win if “This Is Me” couldn’t win.  Ugh.

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SOL Day 3

I should have known better.

I had some extra time today, so I figured I’d get my food shopping done a day early. That extra time also meant I could drive a little farther and hit up Trader Joe’s, which is about 30 minutes away. I love Trader Joe’s and am desperately awaiting the day we get a local store, but for now I’m stuck between two stores that are 30-40 minutes away in opposite directions. I decided to head east today because it meant I could also stop at Homegoods and Marshalls.

It turns out, Saturday is the day everyone goes to Trader Joe’s. Seriously. Like everyone in the county. You could barely move in the aisles and some shelves were empty. Empty! There were employees everywhere trying to keep up with the demand: restocking shelves, answering questions, and controlling the checkout lines.

What should have been a 15 minutes shopping trip ended up taking almost an hour because I couldn’t get near the shelves! I don’t think I’ll make the mistake of doing a Trader Joe’s run on a Saturday again, though I do need to head back soon. I was hoping to pick up a few Blarney Scones, but they weren’t available yet. Thankfully, I did get my spatchcocked chicken and a few other TJ’s-exclusive items.

SOL Day 2

About 10 minutes ago the lights in the house flickered and the hum of the sump pump went silent. Chris and I looked at each other with dismay. We both said, “No, no, no!”

NJ is in the midst of a powerful nor’easter after a month of above average precipitation. The nor’easter has dumped up to 3 inches of additional rain and wet snow on us and our backyard looks like a swamp. We have a very high water table to begin with, so a power outage during a storm means an almost certain flooded basement.

It’s been about 30 minutes and the power is still out. Oddly, a few lights are on (albeit dimly) and our WiFi is still working. Chris is currently hooking up the generator and I’ve reported the outage to the electric company. I’m hopeful that our location on a county road will mean a quick(ish) return of power due to the need for streetlights on our 50mph road. It may be wishful thinking, but I’m crossing my fingers!

Before the power went out, the wind was blowing and it was snowing sideways. I took the dogs out back after doggy daycare (thank goodness for doggy daycare so at least they are tired!) and Navan had a ton of fun trying to catch snowflakes.

Dublin investigated the snow and patrolled the perimeter of the yard to make sure no possums got in. Now they are sitting in the dark with me, hoping to get power back soon. At least they had dinner! My naan pizzas are still cooking in the hot, but not working, oven. Time to move them to the gas griddle, I think.

Update: our neighbor just showed up and is hooking our sump pump up to his generator! The basement already has about an inch of water, so he’s a lifesaver.