Slice of Life #22- Tired. So Tired.

Why aren’t naps a normal routine for adults?


I am not young enough for seventeen hour days anymore.

I am definitely not able to handle seventeen hour days without stopping for food.

When you spend all day walking and you don’t get home until 11:30pm and you eat dinner at 11:30pm and then you wake up at 8am you are very tired

Headache tired.

Heavy eyes tired.

Hard to read a book tired.

Hard to write a slice of life tired.

Where did my weekend go?

Can I get an extra day?


Why is spring break so far away?

Far, far away.

Too far away.

Tonight I will dream of sleeping in, eating a real breakfast, and not bowing to the demands of an alarm clock.

But in order to do that, I need to go to bed and fall asleep.

Good night!

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Slice of Life #21- An (Awesome) Exhausted Slice

I had grand plans of detailing my insane day, but it is almost midnight and I just walked in the door.  I am exhausted.  But I am exhausted in a good way.  So as I try to eat a quick dinner before the dawn of a new day I will list some of the cool parts of my long day.

  • Spending the day at the NCTE conference.  Jen and I met at 8:30am on the Parkway and we left Montclair almost 9 hours later.  We went to workshops, met with authors (David Lubar is awesome!), and listened to some great speakers.  I also loved seeing how excited the attendees were to get the books donated by my amazing publisher friends.
  • At the general meeting after the conference Jen and I were voted co-vice presidents of NJCTE.  :)
  • We left NJCTE and headed to Jersey City to catch the PATH train to New York City.  This did not go as planned and I will probably explain that tomorrow.  Suffice to say that the parking in Jersey City is awful and we refused to pay $50 to park in Hoboken for a few hours.
  • We made it to McNally Jackson on Prince St. with seconds to spare!  But the crazy day was totally worth it because the author panel and reading was so much fun!  Coe Booth, Michelle Knudsen, Jennifer A. Nielsen, Andrew Smith, Lindsay Smith, Jessica Spotswood,Tommy Wallach, and David Levithan were awesome!

It’s been a long day and I will get this posted just before midnight if I post it now.  More to follow!

Slice of Life #20- Goodbye to Glee

I know it’s unpopular, but I am still a diehard Glee fan. I’m too invested at this point to stop watching so I haven’t missed an episode this season.  Tonight was the series finale and it made me nostalgic, so I am dedicating this slice to the show that always makes me laugh and cry.

Glee premiered in May 2009.  I was teaching 6th grade with my dream team of teachers.  Three of us were (and are still) obsessed with Broadway musicals so we immediately fell in love with this wacky show where they sang songs like “On My Own”, “Maybe This Time”, “Defying Gravity” alongside “Don’t Stop Believin'”, “Ride Wit Me”, and “One”.  We would purchase the songs from each episode and listen to them on the drive to and from work.  We went to the first tour at Radio City Music Hall and had an awesome time.  Sure, most of the attendees were kids, but we loved it!

Soon after that I moved to my current job.  But we still talked about Glee, excitedly following the appearance of guest stars like the amazing Patti Lupone.  And we went to the second Glee! Tour the next summer, too.  This time the audience was mostly our age.

Another reason I loved Glee was because my students and I could talk about it together.  My first year at HTHS I spent many lunch periods discussing the show with the underclassmen while doing my lunch duty.  It became a regular chat and I love getting to my students outside of English class.  Most of those kids have graduated now, but the show will always hold a special place in my heart because it reminds me of them.

And of course, there was the loss of Cory Monteith.  I woke up on that August morning in 2013 to a text message from my friend saying, “Cory Monteith died?!”  I think it’s the first time I ever felt the loss of a celebrity. Lea Michelle and Cory Monteith seemed so happy together and I had been a Lea Michelle fan since seeing her in Spring Awakening. (And standing in line behind her at the Tony Awards!) Then, watching her sing goodbye to Cory and his character Finn just broke my heart.  I am still impressed by her drive and dedication to the show, continuing to perform even after losing him.

Tonight was the final episode of Glee and they did a wonderful job.  It was great to see the all of the characters back and to learn where they would go from here.  You could tell they were saying goodbye to each other along with their characters.  The music choices were wonderful and the throwbacks to the first season made me smile.  I’ll miss the show and I will definitely miss the music.  But I am so glad that Glee was on my TV for so many years.  Thank you to the cast, crew, writers, and staff for an awesome (and often crazy) show.  “Don’t Stop Believin'” will always make me smile.


Slice of Life #19- A Great Day!

Today was an awesome day.  I’m going to list the numerous reasons why below.

  1. Today was day 1 of our annual field trip to the Monmouth Junior Science Symposium.  I love listening to the high school students who present their research and I always learn something.
  2. The text-to-text lesson plan for Speak that I wrote with my awesome Learning Network editor went live todaySpeak is such an important book to me and I think it should be required reading, so anything I can do to help teachers bring it into their classrooms makes me happy.  It’s even cooler that when I tweeted Laurie Halse Anderson the link she was so kind and impressed.
  3. I had a lot of reading time today.  I’m in the middle of Kelly Gallagher’s In the Best Interest of Students: Staying True to What Works in the ELA Classroom and I highly recommend it.  The chapters are short but they are packed with great ideas.
  4. Some of my alumnae visited and they fixed my library!  When I got back the trip my principal told me, “Oh!  You missed Kat and Kiera!  They came to visit and they were so disappointed that you weren’t here.  I told them they should take a picture of themselves surrounded by your books and send it to you.  Did you get it?”  I had not, but when I walked out of the office I pulled out my phone to double-check.  When I looked up, Kat and Kiera tackled me with hugs.  We chatted for about 45 minutes and caught up, which was wonderful.  They returned some books they had borrowed, raved about a few (especially Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld), and organized my library.  These amazing girls spent almost two hours re-alphabetizing all of my books.  My library looks amazing!
  5. The Paper Towns trailer came out today!  And while that’s exciting in and of itself, something even cooler happened.  One of my students won a social media contest and was invited to a secret trailer premiere yesterday.  Today she surprised me with a poster from the secret meeting!  She was on cloud nine because John Green was there and so were some of the actors from the movie.  How cool is that?!
  6. March Madness is here!  The next few days are my favorite days of the year.  Basketball is on from noon until midnight, there are crazy upset, and there is never a dull moment.  I’ve been watching all day and even though my bracket is busted it has been fantastic!
  7. It’s almost time for the NJCTE conference!  If you are in NJ you should come!  We have great workshops, awesome authors, free books, and food!  Oh, and there are door prizes.  You can register at the door so make your way to Montclair on Saturday morning.

All in all, it’s been a pretty awesome day.

Slice of Life #18- A Rant About the USPS

This is going to be a rant.  Just a warning!

Over the last few months my mail delivery has slowly been going downhill.  Below is a list of just some of the issues I have been dealing with:

  • irregular mail delivery- Sometimes my mail is delivered, then I get nothing for two days.  The next time the mail comes i will clearly be more than a day’s worth of mail.
  • late mail- On Friday I received an important piece of mail.  The problem?  It was mailed from my town five days earlier.  It arrived five hours after I was supposed to be at the location it was inviting me to.
  • packages thrown in the snow- I live on a main road and recently my packages have been thrown in the snow, thrown in the road, and if I am very lucky it’s stuffed into the mailbox and I can’t get it out.
  • custodian delivering mail- Yes, that’s right.  Two weeks ago a man in a van (not a USPS van) parked in front of my house.  After about fifteen minutes I went outside to see if he needed help.  He introduced himself as the custodian at the post office and said they had him delivering mail, even though he had never done it before.  He said, “The trained me for about five minutes this morning.  That can’t be a good sign.”
  • other people’s mail- Today I did not get any mail.  Well, I did not get any of my own mail.  I did get the mail for 551 My Street and 777 My Street. Where is my mail?!

None of this makes me happy.  I have tried contacting the post office but nothing changes.  They just tell me that they are understaffed.  No apologies, no offers to make it better.  Just a half-hearted apology.  Today I was told a supervisor would call me back ASAP.

I’m still waiting.

Maybe tomorrow my mail will come?

Slice of Life #17-Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This is a ridiculous week, full of late hours and a conference on Saturday.  But St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday so I can’t let it pass without celebrating a little.  I wore my green sweater this morning and then decided to throw a beef stew in the crockpot before heading to school.

The stew took a little longer to throw together than planned so I was almost late to school.  But when I came home and opened the front door I remembered why it was worth it.  The house smelled delicious and my stomach started growling almost immediately.

I decided that Guinness beef stew wasn’t enough, though.  I thought back to our last trip to Ireland and tried to remember some of the side dishes served with the beef stew over there.  It didn’t take long for me to remember the delicious mashed potatoes.  A little online research helped me figure out the name of the dish: colcannon.  It’s a mashed potato that’s full of butter, cabbage, and green onions.  It is, not surprisingly, delicious!

I am not usually one to take pictures of my food but tonight I had fun.  The most important part, though, is that dinner was delicious!  The flavors melded together and I felt like I was back in Ireland for a few minutes.  It was exactly what I needed tonight!

And now I am off to eat a slice of the Irish soda bread that I bought fresh at Delicious Orchards today.  I hope you had a great St. Patrick’s Day, too!  Slainte!


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