Slice of Life Day 24

What I’ve learned while being quarantined and practicing social distancing:

  • I need to get outside everyday. And not just in my yard. I’m grateful fir my dogs and local parks.
  • I am not someone who can work from home under normal circumstances. I’m making this work, but it’s not for me.
  • I don’t own enough lounge clothes.
  • Sometimes it’s good to put on jeans.
  • The days are fast and slow.
  • I’m not nearly as productive as I thought I’d be.
  • Teaching from home is a lot harder than teaching at school.
  • I miss my students.
  • Our students miss school.
  • I’m comfortable eating takeout and I feel strongly about supporting local small businesses.
  • I miss Friends on Netflix.
  • Law and Order makes great background white noise.
  • It’s hard to focus on reading.
  • It’s even harder to focus on writing.
  • Chris and I are good at managing two work from home schedule me and it’s great spending more time together.

Slice of Life Day 23

Week 2 of remote learning started today. The alFriday before we moved online we had time plan for two weeks of virtual learning. I realized today that I need to figure out what and how I’m teaching the the foreseeable future (likely the rest of the year).

The dogs seem to be getting used to having us home. Today it rained all day, so they didn’t get long walks like they did yesterday. Around 8pm Dublin reminded me that we usually take a 3-mile walk on Monday nights while Chris and Navan are at class. Of course there was no class tonight, but Dublin is a dog who likes to stick to a schedule. I squeezed in a quick walk before Chris and I settled in to watch some DVRed TV.

The days in quarantine are starting to blend together. I think today was day 9 or 10 for me. I’ll have to venture out for groceries later this week (we bought two weeks worth and need to restock), but otherwise all my time is spent working, reading, hiking, baking, or watching TV. #flattenthecurve

Slice of Life Day 22

Quarantine day something. I’ve lost track and we are only a few days into this.

Sunday is usually my tutoring and grocery shopping day, but it was a little different this week. I did work, but the tutoring center I work at ran an online info session that I was a part of. That took up a good portion of the morning, but I did sneak in two walks with the dogs.

No grocery shopping today, but we did pick up lunch from a local small business. (If you are local, Jersey Freeze is running specials and doing curbside pickup). I’m trying to help local businesses while maintaining social distancing as much as possible.

The other exciting part of my day was giving away books! I have hundreds of books thanks to being on awards committees and attending conferences. Most copies go to my students, but that’s not possible right now. So I posted in a few local Facebook groups that I was willing to leave bags of books on my porch for anyone interested.

Books on my porch

A bunch of people requested books! And more people contacted me tonight! I still have lots of books ready fo give away and I hope more people will get in touch. I may also stop at a few Little Free Libraries and add to their stock.

Other than that, my day was spent watching TV. Chris and I started Little Fires Everywhere and I watched The Greatest Showman 1.5 times. You do what you have to do in quarantine!

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Slice of Life Day 21

Today Governor Murphy signed a “stay home” order for New Jersey. It doesn’t change much for me, as I’ve been practicing social distancing since school closed last Friday. It does ban all gatherings, including weddings and funerals, and closes non-essential businesses. Hopefully this will make some people take the issue more seriously. I’ve seen way too many large groups if kids and teenagers hanging out together over the last few days. #flattenthecurve, people!

Chris and I did go out today. After he did lots of yard work we ventured across the county to pick up his car at the mechanic’s. One nice thing about being housebound is that we don’t need both cars. As a result, Chris was able to get some much-needed maintenance done on his car. Getting out and driving was nice! We also got a nice walk in with the dogs to get our daily Vitamin D.

Tomorrow will be more if the same. However, I am starting online SAT prep tomorrow morning and that should be interesting! It’s the little things….

Slice of Life Day 20

I have all these big plans to write about remote schooling. Today I even started to draft something on Medium. But I rarely have time to write before 3pm and then I have to walk the dogs. Then I make dinner. Before I know it, it’s 8pm and I’m exhausted.

What I can say right now is that remote school is exhausting. Teachers are adapting on the fly, but our courses were designed for face-to-face interactions, not text. Google Classroom is great, but it’s really just a place to post and collect assignments. In school I provide lots of infernal feedback during the day, but students and parents expect feedback on anything submitted on Classroom. I have over 100 students (that’s a small student load for an English teacher) and I’m spending hours on feedback right now. It’s exhausting and not sustainable.

So it’s 10:30pm and I can barely keep my eyes open. Today was day 5 of remote learning, but it dent like day 9764350000. The kids are being great, but I miss the personal connections made in class. I’m making adjustments to my curriculum and expectations (for my sanity and theirs), but it’s hard to know how much is enough vs how much is too much in this strange new world we find ourselves in.

This weekend I hope to focus on reading and writing for my own self care. I hope you do the same.

Slice of Life Day 19

In the words of my students. I have nothing to write about. I spent the morning working; we had our first faculty conference call this afternoon.

We didn’t mane it to the park today, but we still walked about 8 miles around our neighborhood. The dogs have never been so well exercised!

One more day of remote school this week and the weekend can’t come soon enough! This is a tough adjustment and the break will be much appreciated. Other than not working, the weekend won’t look very different from the weekdays. We aren’t under a shelter in place order here, but we may as well be. Most nonessential businesses are closed so only the grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants (takeout/delivery), and gas stations are really open here.

Eight miles of walking is tiring, but I’m glad we are allowed outside! It’s keeping me sane.