Slice of Life 21

What a heartbreaking loss. We had that game. We were so close to the Sweet Sixteen that I could taste it. But it all fell apart.

I’m so friggin’ proud of this team, though. They played their hearts out and almost pulled it out in the end. We were the 10 seed playing a 2 seed. Houston was favored by 9 points. But none of that mattered because we played with so much heart.

It wasn’t our year. But it’s ok- only one team wins their final game and this year it wasn’t us. But this team broke a 38 year drought. This isn’t the end- it’s the beginning. Rutgers is back and we are here to stay this time.

Next year we will continue making a #gardenstatement. And as I said to a friend tonight, “Damn. It feels good to be able to root for all of our teams”. RU RAH RAH!

Now it’s on to the ladies!

Slice of Life 20


For the first time since 1983 the Rutgers men’s basketball team won a March Madness game! It wasn’t pretty, but they did it!

It’s crazy seeing everyone in NJ celebrate Rutgers. I drove up to campus today to visit Scarlet Fever to pick up some March Madness shirts and I saw lots of people wearing basketball gear. So awesome!

We play again tomorrow and the women’s team plays Monday. It’s a very good weekend to be a Rutgers fan.

Slice of Life 19

I almost forgot to post tonight because it’s March Madness time! I’ve been watching basketball all day and it’s been great. Unsurprisingly, in a year full of surprises there were some great upsets today. Oral Roberts! North Texas!

Now I’m watching Rutgers play. It’s very stressful when your team is actually in the tournament!

This is me since about 9pm. For the record, tip-off was at 9:20, so clearly I’m stressed. It’s the first time RU has been in the tournament in my lifetime!

But regardless of what happens in this game (RU RAH RAH!) it’s my favorite weekend of the year. So many games! So many stories! So many upsets!

Happy March!

Slice of Life 18

I’ve been working on my brackets for 2 hours. I keep hitting “save” and then going back to make changes. I’m sure I’ll keep doing that until they close at 11:59am tomorrow. I’ve never had a team in the tournament before, so that adds a whole new layer to making picks! I’m trying not to be sentimental, but I do have faith in Rutgers. Fingers crossed!

Tomorrow at noon the best weekend in sports will begin! I’m grateful to all the athletes, coaches, and support staff who have isolated this season and into the tournament. I hope all of them enjoy the tournament of a lifetime. I also hope that the players behind #notNCAAproperty get the support they need. I’m so impressed by the activism all the RU players have participated in and led this year. RU RAH RAH!

Slice of Life 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I had a crazy busy day of school and didn’t get to put the Guinness stew in the crockpot until about 3pm. It meant dinner was late, but it was worth it.

Other than cooking, my day was devoted to school work. I introduced a new project and even though I’ve done it before it’s different in pandemic times. Everything takes SO MUCH LONGER when some kids are virtual, some are in person, and some I’ve only met virtually.

But luckily, I had time to put on some green (I’ve worn green every day this week), eat some homemade Irish soda bread for breakfast, and make the Guinness stew for dinner. Phew!

Slice of Life 16

I’ve taken a break from audiobooks for the last few days to listen to Every Single Album: Taylor Swift. This needs podcast from The Ringer breaks down every Taylor Swift album. Each episode focuses on one album and the analysis is awesome. It would be a great mentor text in a high school English class.

Each episode is dedicated to one of Taylor Swift’s albums. On the episode Nathan Hubbard and Nora Princiotti break down the music, the Easter eggs, the context of the album, the songwriting, the business decisions, and the drama. Hubbard is a songwriter and the former CEO of Ticketmaster. Princiotti is a writer (football) for The Ringer and grew up with Taylor’s albums. Their conversations are awesome in the first three episodes and I can’t wait to keep listening.

I highly recommend the podcast!

Slice of Life 15

The vernal pools are awake! My local county park is on the edge of the Pine Barrens so the vernal pools are teeming with life right now. While it got a little cold this week it’s clear that spring is creeping ever closer.

The bad news about the colder weather is it means I’m back to eating lunch in my car at work. My colleagues and I don’t eat in the building (thanks Covid), so if the weather is bad we are stuck eating in our cars. Last week it was almost 70° and sunny, so today’s temperature of barely 40° was a little depressing.

Slice of Life 14


After a 30 year drought and a missed bid thanks to Covid last year, Rutgers is dancing! Watching the Selection Sunday show was way more stressful this year as I waited to see Rutgers on the board. All but two bracketologists had us in the tournament, but I was still nervous.

The moment when “Rutgers” popped up on the screen was so cool. And then I realized filling out my bracket this year is going to be much harder because I have a rooting interest. That’s never happened before. But you know what? I’m ok with that.

RU RAH RAH! Can’t wait to talk about Clemson vs RU all week.

Slice of Lee 13

I missed a day! I did write yesterday, but it was a draft for another project. Oh well, just showing my students that it is ok to miss a day!

Today was a typical Saturday. Dublin has Fitpaws class, so that’s where I spend my Saturday mornings. It ended up being warmer than predicted (though it’s cold now that the sun set). Spring is definitely in the air in New Jersey.

The rest of the day was relaxing. Chris has been working in the yard and garden while I organize the food shopping and means the the next two weeks. Tomorrow is Selection Sunday, and that means it’s almost my favorite time of year!

Slice of Life 11

Great things about today:

  • It was 73°
  • I was able to eat lunch outside 285) my colleagues (socially distanced).
  • I did not have to eat lunch alone in my car!
  • After work I took the dogs for a walk at the park and the vernal pools were full of life.
  • I heard wood frogs singing!
  • Rutgers men’s basketball won their first game in this year’s Big Ten tournament!
  • I cooked a delicious dinner from our meal kit delivery (Dinnerly).
  • It is supposed to be beautiful again tomorrow!
  • I might have time to pick up our first Ralph’s Italian Ices of the season after work.