Slice of Life 21

Spring has sprung and so have allergies. This might be false spring, as it’s supposed to be cold again later this week, but we enjoy it while it’s here.

The problem with false spring is that all of my spring clothes are still packed away in the attic. When I unpack those, I need to pack away my winter clothes. But I need my winter clothes, my sweaters, too! It’s the never ending battle in a state with all four seasons!

Plus, I keep sneezing.

Slice of Life 20

It’s Sunday night. Somehow spring break is still a month away. Has time stopped? I feel like we’ve been stuck at “one month until spring break” forever. Seriously, the weeks between winter and spring break are tough. It’s worse when spring break is really late, like is is this year. April 15th is the first day of spring break this year. That is entirely too late. Fifteen weeks between winter and spring break is just too much.

Today was spent tutoring, food shopping, cleaning up, and watching basketball games. The weather switched from warm (70°) to chilly and windy. I appreciate spring weather, but close to 80° in March is a little much, so I preferred today’s more March-like weather. Chris could still do yard work today, but I didn’t feel like I had to bring out my summer clothes!

Slice of Life 19

Before I talk about today, I need to share a story from the summer:

On Fourth of July weekend I posted some quick photos on Facebook of the two foster puppies we took in. I love fostering, so I always try to do it in the summer when I’m home from school. This summer was no different, or so I thought.

The rescue I volunteer with got a call about a litter of border collies that a “breeder” was going to kill. I’m assuming they were bred as “Covid puppies” and now that people were going back to work they didn’t end up making the “breeder” money. A volunteer drove to pick up the 8 puppies and on a Sunday afternoon I got the call to come get my two fosters. The plan was to vet them when the offices opened after the weekend, so Aaron and Loki (then known as Jeb) came home with me and were quarantined as much as possible in the house. That night both puppies wouldn’t eat (strange for puppies). The next morning a few of us fosters knew something wasn’t right- the puppies were lethargic, not eating, and nauseous. We all called our vets to see if anyone could see them ASAP. I am so grateful to my vet and another local vet for squeezing in 6 puppies total in just a few hours.

By Monday night 7 of the 8 puppies were hospitalized, including Aaron, who was in bad shape. I sobbed in the vet’s office as I handed him over for supportive care. 💔Loki was healthy, but the assumption was that the puppies had parvovirus, so he was hospitalized at Garden State Vet Hospital the next morning for supportive care.

I will spare you the sad details, but despite doing everything we could, we lost 6 of the puppies. The “breeder” had provided them with no care at all, so they were infested with worms in addition to parvovirus. These babies deserved so much better than the lot they drew in life. I’m glad they were loved on by the rescue and fosters and the incredible vets and techs who worked with them, but as you can imagine it was a stressful and devastating few weeks.

We lost Aaron after transferring him to Northstar for an experimental treatment a few days later. A lot of tears were cried even though he was only with us for about 24 hours. 💔😔 He was a sweet fluffy puppy who loved people and toys. His siblings were also adorable and sweet. Losing them all to parvovirus was devastating. It was also extraordinarily stressful, as all of the fosters have dogs of our own who were inevitably exposed. We are so lucky that parvovirus rarely affects adult dogs and ours are all vaccinated. Dublin is 12 and was due for a booster, so our awesome vet took care of that and we were all good.

Now for the hope. Loki, who deserved a superhero name while hospitalized for over a week, was released from the hospital after a little over a week. His brother Izzy was released with him. He came home with us and lived up to his mischievous namesake for another 2ish months. In September, he was adopted by an amazing family. I was so sad to see him go, but I knew he found the perfect family.

Today Momo (formerly known as Loki) cane to visit! He and his brother will be the guests of honor at the rescue’s art auction next month, so today he painted a picture that will be auctioned off. He’s a happy healthy boy who is absolutely thriving! I was so happy to get to hug and kiss him today.

Slice of Life 18

Happy Friday!

Today required a special treat, so during my prep I ordered Crumbl cookies for the colleagues I eat lunch with and picked them up curbside. This was my first time trying Crumbl cookies and OH MY GOODNESS. I highly recommend the chocolate mint brownie cookie.

It’s Friday, which means no meat. I put together some delicious shrimp tacos (if I do say so myself).

And I’ve been watching March Madness ever since. Three weeks between Christmas and spring break are looong.

Slice of Life 17

Happy March Madness! It’s the best weekend of the year: lots of college basketball play St. Patrick’s Day!

Last night’s Rutgers game was a heartbreaker (that ended after midnight), so I was feeling less than enthusiastic about today’s games when I woke up. I also had a hard time putting on my St. Patrick’s Day gear seeing as Notre Dame, who beat Rutgers on double overtime, is the Irish. Luckily, most of my colleagues at school were decked out in green gear, so it was a fun day.

Then the games started.

My brackets are set, and I was still feeling pretty “bleh” about the games at the first tip-off. But pretty soon I was sucked in. My bracket isn’t complexly busted, but it is close. That’s ok, though! The upsets so far have been so much fun! I’m especially excited about St. Peter’s (NJ) upsetting Kentucky tonight! And Richmond!

Of course, upsets also mean tears. I hate seeing these college players cry. It’s just heartbreaking. It was especially hard watching the Rutgers seniors, the guys who built the program and changed the culture, sobbing last night. But that’s March- 67 teams lose and anyone can steal a game.

Slice of Life 16

I’m definitely not filled with nervous energy.

I definitely didn’t pace my house between 8 and 9pm.

In case you couldn’t tell, it’s March Madness and Rutgers is back in the tournament for the second year in a row! The tournament feels very different when your team is in it. I haven’t been able to concentrate on setting up my brackets because this play-in game against Notre Dame left me too anxious.

Now I’m alternating between covering my eyes and yelling at my TV. RU RAH RAH!

I’ll be up late because this game didn’t start until 9:36pm. What a week!

Slice of Life 15

Beware the Ides of March…

Today was just a regular Tuesday filled with work and meetings. I’m still working off a loaner computer at school, so that’s a pain. The loaner can’t connect to the projector, so I have to Airplay to the AppleTV from my iPad. Unfortunately, I purchased my own iPad, so it in my connects to the guest network at school. This means streaming anything is a ridiculous comedy of errors. Of course, this is the first time all year I’m showing a movie (Romeo and Juliet). It’s just a pain right now. I’m hoping my computer is back with me ASAP.

After school I took the dogs for a long abs warm walk to soak up some Vitamin D. It was almost 80°, which was a not ridiculous considering it snowed on Saturday. But the longer days are so amazing. I’m ok with dark mornings as long as there is more light after work.

Slice of Life 14

My Day, a List:

  1. It was dark out again on our morning walk.
  2. Today was the Mondayest Monday that every Mondayed at work.
  3. My computer is in the shop and the district loaner can’t hook up to my projector.
  4. It was Pi Day, so the PTA bought pizza for the students and staff!
  5. I found a Girl Scout at school and secured cookies.
  6. We had a faculty meeting after school.
  7. The time change caught up to me. I needed to stop for a Vanilla Coke from Wawa on the way home.
  8. It was gorgeous on our afternoon walk.
  9. I made pork banh mi for dinner (thanks to Dinnerly). Delicious!
  10. It was beautiful on my evening walk.
  11. I ended the day with last night’s episode of Last Week Tonight and an episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Slice of Life 13

It was still light out at 7:00pm tonight. I hate jumping ahead at 2am, but I love when it’s still light out after dinner! As a night owl? It’s the best.

I only had one tutoring client this morning, so I was able to hike with the dogs and get my grocery shopping done before noon. After tutoring I made Irish soda bread, ran errands, and stress-watched the last few conference tournaments to see who would get the final AQs. When Richmond won I was very worried they would steal Rutgers’ bid, so it was a stressful few hours as I waited for the Selection Sunday show.

While my corned beef and cabbage cooked on the stove I nervously paced my kitchen. Luckily for Rutgers (and for me), we were one of the first teams announced! Rutgers is an 11-seed and will play in Dayton on Wednesday night. Wooohoooo!

Slice of Life 12

Saturdays are Fitpaws day at my house. Dublin, who will be 13 in May, has been part of a weekly Fitpaws class for a few years now. Fitpaws is a canine conditioning program that helps dogs build muscle, build core strength, and stay in shape. Dublin loves it and excels at it. I love that it keeps him in shape (despite a bit of arthritis) and enriches his mind. This picture is from today’s class.

Other than bringing Dublin to class, I’ve spent the day watching basketball games. The weather in New Jersey was miserable today with rain, wind, sleet, and even some snow. Where it was 70° a few days ago it was below freezing today. New Jersey: where you can experience all four seasons in a single week!