Books I’m Craving

I must add 20 books to my wishlist every week.  Here are just a few of the recent additions that I am dying to read!  (Some aren’t even out yet….)

Bobby Flay’s Burgers, Fries, and Shakes– OK, so it’s not exactly kidlit. But I love Bobby Flay! One of his Burger Palace restaurants opened near me recently and it is delicious. I flipped through this cookbook at Sam’s Club and it was awesome! The milkshakes looked absolutely delicious.

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead- After reading Betsy Bird’s review of this title, I was dying to read it. That hasn’t changed. Someone find me an ARC!

The Secret Holocaust Diaries: The Untold Story of Nonna Bannister by Nonna Bannister- I am always on the lookout for more Holocaust stories to build up my background in the subject. Nonna Bannister’s biographical account of her life during the Holocaust sounds very powerful. And the fact that she hid it from her family for so many decades fascinates me. I am looking forward to reading this one soon.

A Map Of The Known World by Lisa Ann Sandell- My fiancee is a cartographer, so a YA novel that has geography and geocaching as a theme sounds perfect!

How I Found the Perfect Dress by Maryrose Wood- I read and loved the first book in this series and can’t wait to continue the series!

If I Stay by Gayle Forman- I picked this up in Sam’s Club today and had a hard time putting it down. Books about the afterlife, or suspended between life and death, always catch my eye. This one has been getting great reviews!

The Season by Sarah Maclean- I have some huge fans of THE LUXE series in my classroom and they have been begging for more books about fancy dresses, scandal, and romance. The Season sounds perfect!

The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly- A book about a budding young naturalist that’s been garnering rave reviews in every corner? Sign me up!

That’s just a taste of some of the books I am craving. What are you wishing and hoping for?

Books I Added to My Wishlist This Week

Over the past few days I have added a bunch of books to my wishlist, thanks to reviews from around the kidlitosphere.  Here are just a few of them.

  • The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly: This one is getting some Newbery buzz so I immediately added it to my wishlist. Plus, the main character is a budding naturalist. 🙂


  • Boys Are Dogs by Leslie Margoli: I am always on the lookout for tween-friendly romances and this one seems perfect! Jen recommended it and I loved her review. I really think my 6th grade girls will eat this one up. Romance schmomance!


  • Hunger: A Gone Novel by Michael Grant: I just finished Gone and can not wait to read the next book in the series!


  • The Magician’s Elephant by Kate DiCamillo : I love Kate DiCamillo and when I found out she will have a new middle grade novel next fall, I was thrilled! It’s already on my wishlist and I am really, really hoping to find an ARC before then!


  • One of the Survivors by Susan Shaw: This is the story of a young boy who survives a school fire that kills many of his classmates. Focusing on his struggle to move forward, the novel sounds great!


  • Change-up: Mystery at the World Series by Joh Feinstein- I am so excited that John Feinstein has written another book in this series! I love sports mysteries and the first few books are a huge hit in my classroom every year.


Of course, there are so many more books on the horizon that I can’t wait to get my hands on! What are you looking forward to reading in the upcoming months? Any new books that I should know about?

Moleskine Notebooks

I love Moleskine notebooks.  Love them.  Adore them.  I have a small collection of unused Moleskines sitting in my nightstand.  But I want more.  For some reason, I can not find the large, hardcover Moleskines anywhere around here.  But this is my dream store.  If only it wasn’t in Malaysia….

I am off to Barnes and Noble tomorrow to see if I can find a large/extra large hardcover Moleskine.

Are there any other Moleskine writers out there?

Books I Want to Read

I find that I am constantly adding to my list of “must-read books”. It’s all the kidlitosphere’s fault, I tell you! Everyday I read new reviews of books that I suddenly have to read. On the one hand, I wonder how I ever found books before blogging. On the other hand, I now know why I am so poor. 🙂 With the holidays coming up, I will continue to be poor, but I can still wish (and make wishlists)!

Here are the latest additions to my list of books I must, must, must read as soon as humanly possible. 😉

The Luxe: I admit it, I was a huge fan of the Gossip Girls series a few years ago. Now, I am utterly addicted to the TV show. Yes, it seems a little trashy, but we all need a break sometimes. The Luxe has been reviewed sporadically around the kidlitosphere (it is a YA title), and I am already in love with it! This is at the top of my list.

Letters from Rapunzel: I love reading stories that rework our favorite fairy tales. I also love authors who know that kids can read books about intense issues. Letters from Rapunzel takes two of my favorites and places them in one book. I need to get my hands on this one!

Sweethearts: Sara Zarr. Need I say more?

The Adoration of Jenna Fox: Mary Pearson is a fellow blogger, and I have been lurking on her blog lately. I love the blurb for this book and can’t wait to read it.

The Declaration I saw this book on the shelf at Barnes and Noble last week, and the cover immediately caught my eye. Then, I read the inside cover to discover that it is a science-fiction/dystopian novel (one of my favorites). I definitely need this book!

Faeries of Dreamdark: Blackbringer (Faeries of Dreamdark): Ok, ok! Every blog I read calls this one of the best books of the year. I need to read it so that I can make that judgement myself. 🙂

The Host: A Novel: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Meyer’s “Twilight” series. Love it. It is one of my biggest guilty pleasures. I am very interested in seeing what Meyer’s first adult novel is like. I heard that ARCs are finally making their way out into the world…..

I should probably stop there. I have too many books on my wishlist. And it only grows bigger everyday!