Slice of Life # 25

Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie so I’ve been looking forward to the live-action remake for months.  In addition, I love Emma Watson.  Hermione and Belle would clearly be friends if they ever met so it makes sense that the same actress would play them, right?

Chris bought us tickets to see the movie about a week and a half ago and I’ve been looking forward to it ever since.  I didn’t read any in-depth reviews this week and I’ve been trying to avoid most of the articles about the movie.  I walked into the theater today ready to be blown away.

I was not disappointed.

Disney did a fantastic job this time around.  The casting was spot-on.  Emma Watson, while not the world’s strongest singer, was a perfect Belle and I was perfectly content with her voice.  Luke Evans, who played Gaston, was incredible.  And of course, Josh Gad as LeFou was perfection.  He and Evans had some of the best lines in film.

This version filled in some of the plot holes in the animated version (why did no one know about the Prince?  Why was no one looking for all of those people who turned into furniture?!) and added a few new songs.  I was a bit disappointed that they played “Home”, from the Broadway production, in the background a few times but never performed it.  However, they may have made up for it with the production value of “Gaston” and “Be Our Guest”!

If you have not seen the movie yet I highly recommend it.  It’s a great addition to the canon.


Slice of Life #24

How are there still two more weeks until spring break? I feel I’ve been saying something similar for weeks! Every weekend I think, “At lesser spring break is almost here.”  Except it’s not! 

I’m exhausted and more than ready for break. I’m so exhausted that I almost forgot to do this post. Thank goodness for iPhone alarms! I’ve got a reminder set for 10:15 every night so that I don’t skip an entry. It’s saved my butt more than a handful of times. 

Tonight, after picking up the dogs and doing a 2 mile walk at the park with the pack, I headed back to school for Teacher’s Pet. Teacher’s Pet is an annual event and it’s always a ton of fun. My senior and I didn’t win but we definitely laughed a lot! 

On the way home I stopped to pick up a broccoli roll (no meat on Fridays during Lent). After eating my dinner I collapsed On the couch, turned on March Madness, and didn’t move until my Slice of Life alarm went off. And now I will get back to the game and relaxing. 

Is it spring break yet?

Slice of Life #23- Migraine

I can count on one hand how many times I’ve left school early due to illness over the past twelve years. But today was one of those days. 

The plague seems to be going around school so I was a little worried when I suddenly felt weird during 3rd period. I brushed it off because I felt fine all morning prior to that. The plague going around has been knocking out kids and teachers for 3-5 days at a time so I tried not to think about it. I’d felt fine just minutes before!

Well that was dumb. Within an hour I was incapacitated by blinding pain in my head, overcome by dizziness, nauseous from the pain, and barely able to see straight. It was so bad that I couldn’t get my plans together for the afternoon and had to rely on my emergency plans. 

I made it home, let the dogs out (because puppies don’t care if you are sick when nature calls), and locked myself in a dark room with them. I slept for three hours and woke up feeling foggy but better. The dogs were fabulous and just cuddled on the bed while I slept. 

I’m feeling better now, though I’m still sensitive to bright lights and I can feel the echo of a headache in my head.  I’ve only gotten a migraine once before, years ago, so it didn’t even cross my mind as the cause of my illness until I was functioning as a human again. I’m hoping I don’t experience it again anytime soon. 

Slice of #22

For some reason, I thought it was going to be warm today. Needless to say, I was a little shocked when I walked outside this morning and found it was close to freezing. And it was expected to get colder all day!

Despite the cold, I was looking forward to going home after school. I was finally free after school so I could take the dogs for a nice walk.  Now that the clocks have changed the sun is still in the sky until dinner time so I don’t even need to rush after school. 

We managed to walk about two miles today.  I live across the street from a county park with at least ten miles of trails. It’s my go-to spot for walks during the school year. Today we took the wooded path and the dogs enjoyed smelling everything and marking every tree in sight. It was so refreshing spending time hiking. Even if it was cold!

The dogs are now tired which means the walk was a success. I’m looking forward to the day when spring weather is here to stay!

Slice of Life #21

This is a relaxed puppy at the vet today. It’s a huge improvement from his last few visits. The last few times we went to the vet he flipped out, screaming and kicking. He required two vet techs to restrain him for a simple exam. I was mortified. 

His last appointment was a month ago. Since then we’ve practiced being restrained by picking Navan up and holding him more. I also brought him to the vet’s office at least once per week to do some training and get pet by the techs. Today was his first big test. 

Navan only needed one shot so the tech said she could take him in the back and do it. I wished her luck and handed over the leash. I told the tech I wouldn’t be worried if I heard him screaming. She laughed and Navan trotted off. 

I sat in the waiting room and listened. I heard nothing. 

A few minutes later the tech returned him to me. “Did you take him to a soundproof room?” I asked with a laugh. She laughed and then told me he was perfect. “A little wiggly, but so much better than last time! And no screaming!”

This made for a much better and less stressful vet visit. And now we are done until he turns one!

As a reward, Navan and Dublin got some Dairy Queen ice cream. A good day all around!

(Not as good? When we walked into the vet’s office there was a mother with two small children weeping at the counter. The mother kept releasing “But she was fine two hours ago!”  I was definitely not ready to see a family that had just euthanize their pet. I almost burst into tears. Those wounds are still very raw). 

Slice of Life #20

My day:

2am: Navan wakes up and needs to go out. This is rare at night but happened today. 

5am: wake up and watch Navan while a Chris gets ready for work. 

5:30am: walk the dogs around the block with Chris. 

5:45-6am: take Navan out back and wait fir him to go to the bathroom. And wait. And wait. No luck. 

6am-6:45am: get dressed, make lunch, get dinner in the crockpot, load the dishwasher, feed the cat m, clean the litter box, take Navan out two more times (still no luck). 

6:45am: leave for school

7:15am: arrive at school

2:45am: head home after work

2:55pm: get text message from house cleaner saying she is early and the dog is out. She’s an hour early And Dublin is usually put away when she gets there. Oh, and Navan has never been in his crate and not taken out to the bathroom immediately when one of us arrives home from work. Awesome. He’s either going to have an accident in the crate or bark his head off. Possibly both. 

3:15pm: arrive home, take dogs out, put dogs in car to go to the pet store. Navan has outgrown his car crate so I clip him into the backseat for his first long car ride. 

3:30pm: stop for gas. 

4:10pm: arrive at pet store and take the dogs out. Lean on the seat cover and discover Navan peed on my seat (my fault, should have take him out one more time before  getting in the car). Now my jeans are soaked with pee. Ugh. 

4:30pm: leave per store with Guinness’ cat food

5:15pm: arrive home, put dogs inside, out seat cover and jeans in wash. 

5:30pm: Chris arrives home and then takes Navan to puppy class from 6-7pm. 

6:15pm: remember that it’s free Rita’s day! Remember I don’t like Rita’s. Decide to take Dublin for a walk then pick up Ralph’s Italian ice for dessert. 

6:45pm: get to Ralph’s and find out it’s closed for renovations. Noooo!

7:30pm: eat dinner, watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on the DVR. 

8:15pm: take Navan out to the bathroom then crate him for a nap. Watch Planet Earth II with Chris. While watching TV order Navan a new crate (he’s outgrown the current one). 

9:15pm: take dogs out to the bathroom and then give them their frozen Kongs. 

9:45pm: take Navan out to the bathroom. No luck. 

10:15pm: take Navan out to the bathroom. No luck. 

10:30pm: hang out with Chris and the dogs. 

10:45pm: take Navan out to the bathroom. No luck. 

11pm: shower

11:15pm: take Navan out to the bathroom. No luck. 

11:30pm: write this post. 

Slice of Life #19

Monmouth Battlefield is down the road from us so we took a walk there today. Above you can see Dublin looking over one of the battlefield fences to scope out the view. 

The park was a muddy mess, with some parts of the trail covered in snow and some parts nothing but melted snow running in rivers downhill. The dogs were covered in mud after two miles but they did not seem to mind. I, on the other hand, was quite glad I chose to wear my waterproof hiking boots. 

The weather today was gorgeous and it felt like the last day of winter. Spring begins tomorrow and soon all of the snow will be gone. We saw tiny green shoots poking out of the mud in many places along the trail, signs of spring to come. Hopefully we can plant our garden soon!