Slice of Life #19

Monmouth Battlefield is down the road from us so we took a walk there today. Above you can see Dublin looking over one of the battlefield fences to scope out the view. 

The park was a muddy mess, with some parts of the trail covered in snow and some parts nothing but melted snow running in rivers downhill. The dogs were covered in mud after two miles but they did not seem to mind. I, on the other hand, was quite glad I chose to wear my waterproof hiking boots. 

The weather today was gorgeous and it felt like the last day of winter. Spring begins tomorrow and soon all of the snow will be gone. We saw tiny green shoots poking out of the mud in many places along the trail, signs of spring to come. Hopefully we can plant our garden soon!


Slice of Life #18

Today I had to head into the city for a meeting about my grad school program, the Advanced Inquiry Project, at the Bronx Zoo.  The weather was miserable, with ice pellets and snow alternating as the day went on. 

Because the weather was awful the zoo was empty. Our meeting was not in a public area so we had to walk a bit to get there. To stay warm we popped into the bird house, which is always warm and humid. On a day like today it was refreshing!

Many of the birds were nesting, which was really cool to see. The scarlet ibises were all building nests, as were the spoonbills. My favorite birds are the little blue penguins so I love any chance I get to see them. They are only 1 foot tall and weigh 3 lbs. and tonight they are on The Zoo (on Animal Planet). 

Of course, my clsssmate and I forgot that cutting through the bird house meant we’d have to walk through the outside seabird portion of the exhibit. Brrr! However, we did get to see many if the seabirds, including penguins, up close and personal!

Slice of Life #17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

For the past two weeks I have been looking for a local store that carries Irish sausage. I know lots of people eat corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day, but not me. Why not? Because it’s not actually Irish

Instead of corned beef and cabbage I like to make bangers and mash. The bangers on the aforementioned meal are Irish pork sausages. Unfortunately, I could not find them anywhere around here. 

Then serendipity struck! I was checking Facebook this morning when a local page,Portraits  of the Jersey Shore, posted about finding corned beef and cabbage locally. The owner of a small market in Brick posted that they carried Scottish and Irish imports and I was intrigued. When I asked if they carried bangers they said they did!

I was able to place and order online so I ordered 1lb of Irish sausage and said I’d pick it up after school. It was a 35 minute drive but it was well worth it. Cameron’s Scottish Market, home of Celtic Knot Fish & Chips, is a tiny grocery store in Brick that feels like a little piece of Scotland and Ireland. The food in the bakery case was mouth-watering but I managed to walk out with only the sausage I ordered. 

And the sausage was perfect! Dinner was delicious and I have a new place to shop! 

Tonight’s bangers and mash dinner. 

Slice of Life #16

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Not Christmas. Not summer. Nope. Today is the first day of March Madness!

I love March Madness and Thursday and Friday are my favorite days of the tournament. Beginning a little after noon each day there are games. The games seem like they are on every channel. This year, after dropping cable and moving solely to streaming service, I’m using the NCAA March Madness app to watch the games. I was a little worried about lag and buffering but I’ve had no problems so far. 

Even better? I’m working with a perfect bracket so far. It’s about to become less than perfect with a Florida Gulf Coast loss, but this is my best start in years!

Slice of Life #15

Yesterday’s blizzard was disappointing and then everything froze overnight.  We walked the dogs this morning and it might have been easier to ice skate! Luckily we had a delayed opening so I was able to take my time getting to school. 

At school my room is in the basement. While I have small casement windows, they align with the ground so I can’t see much. As a result, I was surprised to find it was snowing when I left school at 2:45. Were we supposed to get snow?

I figured that the snow would stop quickly but it continued to snow all afternoon and into the evening. Sometimes the flames coming down were so big and fat that the visibility was effected!

The upside to new powder was that the dogs got to run around and tire themselves out. They spent the afternoon chasing robins, who seemed intent on teasing them, and crunching on ice. All in all, a perfect afternoon for them. 

Slice of Life #14

Well, the blizzard was a bust. I understand why forecasts can bust (and overperformed north of here), but I’m a little disappointed! It was snowing when I went to bed at 1am. The ground and street were covered at that point. That was not the case when I woke up. 

Chris said we had 4-5 inches of snow at 6am when he let the dogs out. Right after that it warmed up and the snow turned to sleet. It sleeted all day. The snow was almost gone by noon and by 2pm everything was covered in ice. 

Boo! If we are going to use a snow day in March I’d prefer that it actually snow. I hate ice and I hate black ice even more. Luckily, we have a delayed opening tomorrow. Granted, our delayed opening means teachers need to be at school only 45 minutes later than normal, which doesn’t do much when it comes to eliminating black ice. But something is better than nothing, I guess. 

We did get to play outside with the dogs, so that was good! They were not fans of the sleet but once it stopped they were ready to romp in the backyard!

Slice of Life #13


Freehold Regional


Monmouth Regional

After school I watched as the school closings piled up. My school is county-wide so once the biggest districts close we tend to follow suit. By 5pm most districts had called a snow day for tomorrow. 

I checked my phone. Ringer on? Yup. Do not disturb turned off? Yup. Still no call though!

Around 5:45 my phone buzzed and I quickly grabbed it. A text message, not a phone call. I had to laugh, though. The text was from NXLE, the emergency management service. NJ had declared a state of emergency. 

State of emergency but still no call from my district! Realistically, I knew we were closing. But the call had to come, right?

Finally, a little before 7pm, the call finally came. Snow day tomorrow!